Our current scenario has made most of us homebound which has led to inactive lifestyles for many. This thereby causes a lot of health conditions like obesity, diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, etc. To avoid such complications working out at home is of utmost importance, as going to the gym is not possible these days considering the lockdown due to the pandemic. Therefore, Home Workout Programs can help considerably.

Now answer the question are home training workouts as effective as gyms a few points are discussed below:-

  • In a fitness center, we have qualified trainers to guide us while at home there is no such guidance. This can lead to injuries so in-order to avoid it we can opt for Online live personal training sessions at home to achieve our desired goals.
  • Gyms make our workout sessions more entertaining as we have other individuals working out with us but at home, this isn’t possible. The solution to this at home is to opt for online live fitness training group workout sessions which can keep us motivated.
  • A fitness center gives us access to weights like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. At home even if we do have some weights we cannot have them all. So a program must be designed in such a way that our strength training is incorporated apart from sheer cardio as the latter alone can never give us results that we desire. All it does is burns some calories and gives us a feel-good factor by making us perspire and thereby making us feel we have worked out enough. Of course, there is no comparison to the workout at gyms which gives us access to so many equipment but a well-designed program by a fitness professional at home can also help to a great extent.
  • Working out at a gym makes us more focused on the workout as there are no distractions but at home, many things come up which we have to look into. Our goal at home should be to workout at a time where there are no such disturbances. When we sleep we do not let anybody disturb us as it’s very important to be well-rested in the same way we must workout without any hindrance to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy. Fixed time to work out every day is very important.
  • One of the advantages of working out at home over the gym is that it saves us traveling time which can thereby be used to workout a little longer.

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       However, whether it is Fitness Training Sessions At Home or at the gym, it can only help if we follow a well-designed program by a professional and follow it regularly. Also, no workout is effective without a healthy well-balanced diet. Today exercise is not only important for a particular age group rather we all need it in our lives for wholesome existence. Under the current circumstances, the only thing helping people against Covid19 is a strong immune system so working out and a healthy diet can help us achieve that to a considerable extent. Hence, stop making excuses and start working out even if it is at home with whatever space, pieces of equipment, and time you have as “the only bad workout is the one you didnt do”.


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