BlueHost Review : Should this be your Web Hosting Choice?

All businesses need websites, but to get it started is not an easy task. Communication is one of the biggest tools for everything. If one is serious towards his work and wants to establish online, then he requires a top-notch web hosting service like:-Bluehost, Hostgator etc.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting company in the world, it was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in 2003 which was acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010.

Bluehost has made its name in web hosting. With the help of Bluehost the experts provide a quality services which provides good performance, reliability and functionality of the requirements of the user.Today Bluehost is hosting over 2 million websites and it is one of the most popular, inexpensive, built with-in shared hosting options which make it more popular today.

Features of Bluehost:-

24*7 supports

With the help of Bluehost the user is able to get the services  of experts wherever or whenever they want. The services can be rendered in hand via phone or email or sms.

Money-back guarantee

Bluehost never bounds the users. It has the money-back guarantee facility so that user may feel free and can opt for new options. It does not require any contract and has no any hidden charges or penalties.

Bluehost  offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with their hosting, you can cancel your account within the first 30 days and get a full refund!

True Scalability

Bluehost gives a chance to the user to start from a small and then to move to powerful options of the website as it grows. With its presence, the user can move to a VPS or dedicated server in just a click.

Enhances cPanel

By building cPanel, it offers an interface with tools that makes the work easy and it also helps the user to login easily by managing websites and domains.

Recommended by WordPress

Bluehost and WordPress have worked closely and since they have created an ideal platform for running WordPress websites.



Pros of Bluehost

  • Bluehost opens wide range of web hosting options.
  • It is used at the time of testing
  • Creates weebly site- building software.
  • Good Security Options
  • Many Integrations and Apps

Cons of Bluehost

  • It does not offer month-to month shared hosting options.
  • It requires the user to sign-up for an annual plan.
  • Bluehost doesn’t offer Windows-based VPS.
  • It takes time while loading a page
  • Customer support is not very quick
  • Expensive Quick Start Training

Virtual Private Servers

If user wants high traffic to its website and needs more power, and have complicated requirement of servers, then Bluehost is the best Virtual Private Servers. Bluehost offers four tier of Linux- based VPS hosting, ranging from the

$19.99 per month (30 GB of Storage, 2 GB of memory, and 1 TB of monthly data transfers)

$59.99 per month (120 GB of Storage, 8 GB of memory, and 4 TB of monthly data transfers)

bluehost Virtual Private Servers Plans

Dedicated Servers

Bluehost has many dedicated server configurations, too. The servers start at $ 149 per month and can be outfitted with a Linux operating system and up to 500 GB of hard drive space, 4 GB of RAM, and 5 TB of data transfer per month.

BlueHost has created its name for itself by providing outstanding server performance and now it is contributing a lot to WordPress eco-system. WordPress is an open source platform that makes it easy to build a website.

A Decent Web Host

Bluehost is a respectable and highly stable Web host that makes setting up a website. If the user is looking for web host that’s easy to get set up and running.

Overview on Bluehost shared hosting plans:-

Bluehost provides three shared hosting options to choose from

Here are the rates

  • Basic Plan

For $ 3.95 per month, the user gets max 50 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. With this the user gets 5 email accounts also.

  • Plus Plan

$ 5.95 per month provides unlimited websites, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth to the user.

  • Business Pro Plan

The largest plan comes in at $ 13.95 per month provides unlimited website, storage, bandwidth, email account and email storage.

bluehost shared hosting plans

Do We Recommend Bluehost

It is highly advised by many experts that Bluehost should not be used as it is cheaper but its speed is very slow and it has slower customer care service.

Overall, ​Bluehost is a decent host for the money, especially. I would definitely give them a try if I were looking for a reliable, feature-packed, aggressively priced shared web host without wanting to know too much about the technical titbits that go behind hosting a website.






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