5 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money while Online Shopping with BOUNZ Rewards App in Dubai

Online Shopping with BOUNZ Rewards App: Are you constantly seeking new ways to save? Do you find it frustrating when you miss out on opportunities to use discounts, get freebies, or vouchers to use in the future? Saving money usually requires a little thought, planning, and mindfulness every time you step out. In the current climate of Covid-19, saving has become a top priority for people across the world. This is due to a higher level of uncertainty and the global economic condition.

The good news is that with the rise of m-commerce, it has never been more convenient to shop and have access to a variety of deals. A consumer can compare and evaluate prices and make an educated decision. Another great way to save is being part of a loyalty program in the UAE. These allow you to collect rewards through shopping rewards apps and use them for future purchases. Every program has its own value proposition. Some of the top Shopping Rewards Apps in UAE make it easy for you to earn and collect rewards, thereby helping you save in the short and long term. 

Instant Rewards UAE


Speaking of value, there’s a new player in the shopping rewards app space in UAE – BOUNZ Rewards Offers. This lifestyle app is designed to give you a generous payback for All your expenses – daily groceries, occasional jewellery purchases, electronics etc. What makes it great is that it is flexible & designed for both residents and tourists.

You don’t need to change the way you’re already shopping. This revolutionary app makes saving super simple: 

  • You earn BOUNZ as rewards on your account which you can spend later any other products. The app shows you how to redeem rewards in the simplest way.
  • The BOUNZ Rewarding app lets you keep an eye on upcoming promotions. You could earn extra rewards or get special offers with affiliate partners and onboard brands. 
  • You can collect extra benefits by earning BOUNZ without even making a purchase. Just tap on the website banners from the app or visit your nearest partner store and collect your Free BOUNZ.
  • Look out for seasonal and festival sales during the year under BOUNZ Rewards Offers.
  • Use your rewards to redeem gift cards.

Redeem Loyalty Points in Dubai

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The BOUNZ app rewarding system has no restrictions on how you can earn and redeem rewards across the multiple brands listed on it. Also, when you install the app and select your interests, you get a tailor-made experience to suit your needs. The Online Shopping With Bounz Rewards will then send only relevant notifications. 

How to Redeem Rewards

Loyalty Helps You Save

Having a shopping rewards app costs little to nothing and can be a very useful saving tool. You’re also more likely to get a personalized experience through the app. 

The BOUNZ Rewards App is available on the Apple and Playstore. Go ahead – save yourself some time and money!


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