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 With 2,542,108 applications in the year 2016, android applications stand quite out with a heavy number of users. Amidst this plethora of android applications, a mere 13% ratio is believed to be of low quality. Therefore, it is quite evident that the usage, preferences, and competition are enormous.

According to the statistics, around 1500+ apps are added to Google Play Store, every day. If any business is planning or even ready with the idea and concept of an application, what can be the possibility that it will not be lost in this extravagant plethora of android applications?


The possibilities of failure may seem relatively higher than the chances of success, but it is worth the investor knows what to invest in.


To begin with, the development of any application just does not begin with its development. The investor does not directly dive into an android application development company, and developers do not promptly fire their codes up.

If this is what you were planning to do, you are rather diving deep into failure.

Developing an application is a step-by-step procedure wherein each phase is commenced thoughtfully, carefully, and intelligently.


Everything begins with an idea full of potential (unique potential when it is surrounded by brutal competition). The mental impression of the application must sound exciting, realistic, unique, and feasible to both, the investor as well as the developer.

Many a times, the idea might sound fantastic in the investor’s mind, yet sound merely plausible to others. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the aptitude of the idea right in its commencement.

There are certain questions that determine the potential of the application idea –

  • Is there any similar idea implemented before?
  • If yes, then what is new about your idea that makes it better?
  • Is it useful?
  • If no, then is it entertaining and attention grabbing?
  • Who will want it and why?
  • What will be resources used?
  • Is the cost of making more than the least budget anticipated?
  • What are the chances of success?
  • Do you believe in it?

great android app ideas



If the idea passes, then evaluating the concept of the application comes around as stage 2.

Concept is the interpretation of the idea by other people. The investor may like the idea but feedbacks are essential right from the initiative phase.

Elaborate the idea to a certain group of android users, or developers. Avoid too much explanation initially to let them interpret the application and judge it in its raw state. Take vote and feedback. See if the improvements make it any feasible and then go ahead.


As mentioned previously, budget must be paid full attention and should be treated realistically. Developing an application, deploying it, and maintaining it is not all if the investor wants it to be a hit and stand out.

Several other elements will require investments, about which we will be discussing in following paragraphs.

  • Android application development
  • Search engine optimization
  • PR Campaigns

The key point is to estimate maximum amount of money that will be required including all the unwarranted investments, and expensive mistakes.


Once, stage 1 (evaluating the idea), stage 2 (evaluating the concept), and stage 3 (budgeting the idea) are cleared, it is time to seek the company to covert idea into a fully running, functional, attractive, and substantial application.

The initiatives commence with healthy discussions in order to,

  • Check the project’s feasibility
  • List required resources,
  • Define budget,
  • Specify business requirements,
  • Business target audience
  • Figure out the audience’s expectations
  • Decide a plan of action

While, the company is a professional and the developers are experts of their fields, it is usually wise for the investor to research about everything related to how the company works. The suggestions by the company are important but let us not ignore that fact that company always takes interest in their profit as well. Therefore, it is imperative that the investor pre-determines all the discussed elements, holds clarity about everything in advance, cross-questions, and only proceeds when completely satisfied.

From the investor’s end, he/she must ensure that,

  • All requirements are well understood by the company
  • There are no confusions
  • The core concept of the application is clear
  • The goal of the application
  • His/her expectations from the company are clear


Once the company and investor are ready with the basics cleared, the application is ready to be developed.

Developing the application is not an overnight job it takes time, also, it is not a simple job, and the investor must expect complications through the process.

The key stages of developing an application are,

  • Requirement gathering, analyses and thorough research
  • System analyses and specifications
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing and iterating
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Documentation
  • Training and support
  • Maintenance

android app development stages


However, there are certain important elements of application development that ascertains the success of the application. It is easier to understand the entire procedure with the help of the case study of the most popular dictionary android application. [ To be Continue…. ]





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