Benefits Of Shopping Online in Dubai With BOUNZ Rewards

(BOUNZ Rewards) Online shopping has now become a viable alternative to physical shopping. Over the years, we’ve seen multiple e-commerce platforms rise and offer the same things that you would normally see on any brick-and-mortar store. Moreover, the pandemic also obliged some stores to adapt online solutions to retain loyal customers. That being said, not all these companies managed to retain their customers, resulting in some of it closing. In a bid to retain customer loyalty, these brands have devised ways on how they can keep customers interested.

Enter loyalty programmes. They have been utilised by companies for a few years, but now Instant Rewards UAE programmes and apps offer more than just the simple points collection to redeem a reward. Other loyalty rewards programmes also bring a form of partner coalition programme, which combines multiple brands in a single app to maximize all the rewards earned. In the UAE there is already a large number of rewards app – but is there a recommended Rewards App in Dubai specifically? Each and every one of these rewards programmes offers various ways in how to earn rewards. It could be a form of a rewards tier (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) or maybe a VIP programme that would require the user to pay an annual fee to keep getting discounts and benefits.

Redeem Loyalty Points in Dubai

More than just the standard rewards app, these loyalty programmes now come in a variety of ways on how to enjoy instant rewards in the UAE. But are loyalty programmes still relevant? It most definitely is. Consumers would always want a way on how to get more value from their purchase which is why brands continually try to develop ways in making rewards apps and programmes more attractive. People are still now more cautious about their spending. Brands that successfully bring a relevant customer experience is likely to remain loyal to a particular brand. This is evident with some rewards programmes in the UAE that offer instant rewards immediately after making a purchase.

A rewards app in Dubai and the entirety of the UAE is also showing some innovation. Gone are the usual reward collecting method that doesn’t even offer great value to the customer. But rewards programmes such as BOUNZ can give consumers extra rewards by simply visiting a partner store through the app. Along with that, BOUNZ exclusively offers redemption options from any of its partner stores, where you as a customer have more flexibility with the rewards that you earn.

This new initiative can help consumers be proactive with a rewards app in Dubai and the rest of the UAE while also giving them numerous incentives and rewards that they like. Benefits typically range from different rewards to non-monetary ones but as what we have seen from previous years, these rewards programmes now tap into the customer’s emotions in what they feel a reward should be – this could be in a form of a charitable donation or even donate their points to help save the environment.

Loyalty Programmes in UAE also need to be simple enough to be considered by the customer as well as easy to sign up to. Previous rewards programmes initially allow you to sign up only through a website, which can be a hassle considering that most people nowadays access content through a mobile device. Social logins also make it easier to sign up, since customers can just use their own social media logins or contact details to be able to start using the loyalty programme. Moreover, with everyone already using a mobile device, a smartphone app is beneficial to a rewards programme, offering the consumer an easy way to collect points and redeem rewards.

In Dubai specifically where shopping has become a daily exercise for residents and tourists, loyalty programmes pave the way in delivering the best customer experience. It also works by bringing brands the relevant data that they use to enhance their services and customers building trust with it. With the rise in popularity of online shopping, these loyalty programmes have opened a whole new potential of offering the most rewarding rewarding experience even if they are not in the store physically. Through these loyalty programmes and rewards app in the UAE, shoppers will have more reasons to keep shopping.


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