BOUNZ Dubai Shopping Rewards App Earn, Collect, And Cherish

Connect, Collect, and Cherish with BOUNZ Shopping Rewards App: Do you use a shopping rewards app? If you answered yes, chances are that you have more than one. In fact, data shows that the average UAE resident is part of at least 5 loyalty schemes in different sectors. Loyalty pays well and as brands innovate on ways to hold your attention, this is the best time for you to vocalize your needs and gain maximum value as a powerful consumer.

What Makes A Loyalty Program Effective?

With the multitude of choices of products and services that come your way, what does it take to earn your loyalty? After speaking with various brand reps and a sample of customers, we found that a good Loyalty Programs App in UAE should be:

  • Able to offer relevant value to you for what you spend.
  • Flexible enough to give you the freedom on how you want to earn and use rewards.
  • Personal to your needs and interests.
  • Engaging and interesting.

Top Rewards App in Dubai

How Loyalty Looks in The UAE 

There are over 50 shopping rewards apps in the UAE. Most of these are free to join and are associated with brands across various sectors, cinemas, parks, hotel stays, flight tickets, etc. For a cosmopolitan country with a population of over 200 nationalities with diverse needs and wants, there’s something for everyone! They give users the chance to earn and redeem loyalty points in Dubai.

Apart from offering rewards for regular purchases, these programs run exclusive promotions (seasonal and non-seasonal) that are accessible only to members. Users are wary of downloading and installing multiple rewards apps and being spammed. Hence, the value and control given to a customer in the shopping experience really counts.

In the current pandemic scenario, consumers are spending more cautiously and looking to get the most bang for their buck. They are more inclined to be loyal to brands that reward consistently and effectively. 

How to Redeem Rewards

Download Best Rewards App in Dubai In Just One Click

New Kid on The ‘Loyalty’ Block

A Forbes study concluded that 50% of consumers listed their primary reason for joining loyalty programs as ‘to Earn rewards on everyday purchases’. 

The latest loyalty rewards app launched in the UAE addresses this very desire while also fixing several pain points that customers usually face. With a motto of ‘Connect, Collect, Cherish’, BOUNZ is a free-for-all, focused solution that rewards customers when they shop for their basic needs and indulge in certain luxuries as well. 

BOUNZ is more than a loyalty app, it is a form of currency that can be earned and redeemed across all partners listed in the app. As an innovative and fun app, it has been built to offer generous payback to its customers. It brings together the best deals from partnerships with outlets across the UAE to pass it on to you. 

Loyalty Programs in UAE

Download Top Rewards App in Dubai and get rewards for your first interaction by checking into a partner’s store and a partner’s website without having to purchase anything. This means that you can start collecting rewards and even redeeming them before even making any purchases on the app!

Choosing Rewards

It should be convenient to redeem what you’ve earned through shopping rewards apps. BOUNZ gets this right. Within a few clicks, you can search for what you want to purchase, and redeem it using your BOUNZ rewards balance. If you fall short, you can add a cash payment as well. 


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