What is it ,The Complete Guide of Hashtag

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is the pound sign. If you want to use this tag then you don’t need any special software, coding experience, or even a college degree to create a hashtag, only thing you need to do is put the pound sign directly in front of the word or phrase you want to turn into a hashtag.

You can use the hashtag for specific searching and it is mainly used in social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

Where Did Hashtags Come From?

Hashtag is firstly used in social media can actually be traced back to one man.

Chris Messina, a former Google employee who worked in developer relations and as a designer on Google+, Tweeted the first ever hashtag.

original hashtag

Why use Hashtag :-

Hashtag is mainly used to promote to our business via social media sites. We are using the Hashtag because it through our business promotes and also we can find anything very easily or huge number of results.

For e.g:-> Suppose we have to find out the Famous Celebrities then-:

Use #FamousCeleberities on your social media site then it automatically shows all the results which were related to your keywords.

If you have to use it to promote your business then the main thing you have to remember which one is relevant keyword for your business, if you use the correct keyword on correct place then automatically your business promotes and its look different from others.

How to create a Hashtag :-

Hashtag is very simple to use, for using hashtag in social media sites simply add a # sign function before a single word or phrase without spaces. Do not string so many words together with a single hashtag.

If you want to create a hashtag then remember do not use the spaces,  use the sign function when you place it correct place or correct way then automatically your followers were increasing day by day and your brand look like different from others.

Some basic things you have to be remember to creating or applying a hashtag on phrase are:-

  • No spaces
  • No punctuation
  • No special characters

Platform to use the Hashtag :-

Twitter: You can use a Hashtag on Twitter very easily but you have to remember only one thing which one is apply the hashtag in your relevant keyword of your topic which people actually search, then it’s providing you a great result. We are using the #sign in a twitter to promote our business or highlight any topic.

For e.g.-: suppose I want to see the Marketrs-:

My favorite #Marketrs Then all related to the marketrs information were automatically shows on your screen and you can easily find out.

So now you can promote your own business without going anywhere.

hashtag marketrs

Facebook : Hashtags  are used in a Facebook which through you can easily create a link or its also providing you a new separate page .By using Hashtag you can find different topics according to your need. It’s mainly use for business marketing.

For e.g.-: suppose you have to create your own tag like-:

My new #Classified is automatically convert into a link and when anybody search in their Facebook search engine #Classified then all the classified related information automatically shows on his/her  screen.

hashtag-follow marketrs

Instagram:Hashtag on instagram is awesome, if you want to see the images similar to the one’s that you have taken then simply use #tag with your picture then it automatically shows all related pictures that you have taken.

For e.g.-: Suppose I want to see the images related to cookies-:

Use #cookies on your comment in instagram then automatically its generate a link on your keyword and when you or anyone can click on it then its automatically shows all the images related to the cookies.

Google+: Google+ uses hashtags similar to the other sites, but with one main difference. Google+ will add hashtags to content if they think that it is a relevant and popular keyword. You can always opt-out of this through Google+ if you’d like.

YouTube:Hashtag use within youtube is very easy, if you want to use hashtag then firstly open your YouTube account and upload a video and write on comment by using a #tag on relevant keyword according to you and save it and upload it. Its automatically create a link, users can leave a comments with hashtags.

How to use Hashtag on YouTube with connecting Facebook and Twitter:-

If you want to connect the Facebook and Twitter with YouTube then, firstly you have to open your YouTube account then open your profile and go to the YouTube setting and click on the option of connected account. Here you saw Facebook and Twitter.

To connect with YouTube those two things click on the option of edit button one by one. Now Facebook and Twitter account connected to the YouTube.

Now go to the video manager and select your video and change your privacy settings also write your comment by using Hashtag and at last click on the save and share button now this video automatically share on your Facebook and Twitter account.



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