Employment Visa Renewal In Dubai: How To Get A UAE Work Permits

Dubai is the leading business hub of the Middle East and a large contender on the global stage. The logistical advantage of Dubai and low customs duty attracts many import/export businesses and with no foreign ownership restrictions all within a developed infrastructure has inevitably attracted all types of businesses to Dubai and the whole of the UAE thus providing significant employment opportunities. For any non-national seeking employment in the region, finding some of the largest global companies based in the UAE is an obvious attraction. Once the job position is secured with any company licenced here, acquiring a work permit and Employment visa renewal in Dubai is relatively easy. 

There are several essential steps to follow on how to acquire a work permit and visa in Dubai. 

How To Obtain UAE Work Permits And Residence Visas:

Foreign nationals looking to live and work in Dubai should first secure a role/job in any registered company in the UAE – once the job is secured the company will then sponsor the individual and apply for a work permit with the Ministry of Labour and once that is approved the Dubai Residence Visa is applied in Immigration Dept and issued to be stamped in the passport. 

No individual can gain a UAE work permit without the sponsorship of a company based in the UAE. 

The work permit and the residence visa are separate processes and separate applications resulting in a Labour/Work permit card and a physical residence visa stamped in the employees passport which the company processes and pays for on behalf of the employee, as the employee will be sponsored by the company for at least 2 years unless either party breaks the contract.

Family Residence Visa in Dubai

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To get the UAE work permit, the company applies for the job/role title within the Ministry of Labour and once approved both parties sign a job offer document which then progresses to a standardized labour contract which contents fall under the Federal Labour Law No 8 of the UAE. 

The following requirements are needed to apply for the work permit

  • Original passport with at least one year’s validity 
  • 4 Colour passport sized photograph with white background
  • Proof of entry whether that is visit visa or if cancelled from previous UAE employment 
  • Attested Education Certificates for any qualified roles 

Once the Ministry of Labour approves the work permit the process for employment/
Family Residence Visa in Dubai can commence.

  • Application to Immigration Dept showing the labour permit approval.
  • Whether employee inside or outside the country Immigration Dept will issued the residence visa in A4 format giving the company 60 days to complete the process.
  • Whilst the visa is in A4 format the following steps must be completed before the visa can be reduced to a sticker and stamped into the original passport.
  • Emirates ID Card is applied at the Emirates Identity Authority whereby the employee will need to complete a biometrics which includes fingerprints taken electronically and eye scan.  This card is used for most day to day functions when living in the UAE.    
  • A medical examination report from a government hospital is required for the application, this involves a blood test and chest xray and must be passed to complete the process.
  • The company should provide at least basic private health insurance – proof will need to be supplied
  • The residence visa is issued and stamped on the employee’s passport once the above is completed.

Please note: The UAE work permit and residence visa process has evolved over the years and is subject to change as the UAE Authorities continuously strive to improve and streamline processes to protect companies and individuals who choose to live and work in the UAE.

Work Permit And Employment Visa Renewal In Dubai

The company/employer can apply to renew the work permit and Employment Visa in Dubai for an employee when the contract expires in Dubai. The renewal process is not as time consuming as the first term but the passport should be valid. Monitoring validity is of importance for the UAE work permit and residence visa.

If the labour contract and residence visa is approaching expiry, either party has a 30 days grace period to instruct the renewal of the work permit and residence visa or cancel.While the process of obtaining visas and permits and all the related documentation can be time-consuming and laborious, seeking assistance from one of the best PRO Services in Dubai will ensure a systematic and smooth onboarding.


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