Are you on the lookout for a free workout at home? Have you spent hours on the internet looking for a good App or a trainer? Then you have wasted a lot of time just browsing. Many gyms have closed their doors or have restricted the movement of the people inside the premises. With this phenomenon, many people are now tilting towards the best free routine when you are at home.

But not all gyms have followed the trend. Some have quickly changed the way of operation and launched online on-demand personal training sessions for those who are serious and want to exercise with the help of a certified trainer.

The Rave studio is one such example. We not only cater to people who visit regularly but also to those who choose to have online lessons from us. Read along to know how you can benefit from free workouts with the Rave studio.

The evolution of online on-demand personal training:

You might have fond memories of doing light exercises at home as a child. As they become adults, many continue the trend, while some opt for visiting gyms regularly. The idea might be misty but swiping a clean cloth makes sense now. You can take over the same direction but with a slight chance of having an instructor by your side with the help of the internet.

The on-demand personal training is considered the father of home fitness these days. The technology has brought people virtually together, and that is when you can also ask for a fitness instructor from the Rave studio. Your home is a portable gym where you can have the necessary exercise equipment. Moreover, most of the present-day platforms offer this stable working method, but some have successful stories only.

List of free workouts at home:

If you are here to know the free workouts that you can do at home, then you are in the right place. There is something for everyone, and we make sure that you can also churn a good routine from this list.

  1. The fat burning schedule: The best way to lose fat is to walk. But since you are at home, other options will do the trick. You can do cycling and yoga at home without any equipment.
Fat Loss Workout
  1. Boost metabolism: For this, you need to do sprints and lunges. It will strengthen your core and boost your metabolism. There are various versions of this routine, so talk to the personal trainer before starting.
  1. Stretch: Stretching will pump the blood in your body to start the exercise. It is essential for a free workout at-home routine.
  1. Kickboxing: People take kickboxing as a hardcore exercise only. But it is believed that if you start with this, you are training your body and your reflexes as well. The online on-demand personal training has a module where trainers are available to teach this.
 online on-demand personal training

To sum up:

You may find the list very generic, but it is better to start with the basics first. The Rave studio offers personalized trainers for free workouts so you can get started and then move to high-core fitness programs eventually.

Do not hesitate to call us. Our representative will be happy to guide you.


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