The Complete Guide to Build Your Personal Brand

What Is Branding?

Ever wondered how do companies introduce a new product line? Mainly companies introduce New Brands to introduce a new type of product. For example, company Ferrero Spa has introduced brands like Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Raffaello Tic Tac kinder, Kinder Bueno Ferrero, etc. This is called Branding.  When a company launches a new and different product from its existing products, it uses a new Brand Name. A brand is a symbol, design, name that identifies a company’s product from other companies’ products. People wear brands to express their emotions. Someone wearing a Rado watch symbolizes that the person likes luxury items. Brands give protection to people from duplicated products. The brand also states about the product’s quality and durability. People who buy branded things rely on the quality and durability of the product.


Earlier only big companies and corporations used to launch new brands because launching a new brand required a lot of capital. But now, due to rapid increase of technology and internet use, young entrepreneurs have also started launching apps to introduce their own brands. Building a personal brand is beneficial due to several reasons. It can create a vision for one’s future and can generate a better job. Building a brand can create new contacts and clients for your company. Personal brands can create a new image for your company and can give it recognition.

Here are few steps to create a personal Brand -:

How to create a personal Brand Vision?

The first and important step before building a Brand is to create a vision and mission statements. In order to create your vision, you have to think how you see yourself in 10, 20, and even 50 years. First, you have to determine what your brand is going to offer to your target audience. After that you can plan the rest. When you create the mission statement for your brand, you should write down a statement that contains values of your company or organization. A good mission statements are clear and distinct.


In order to create your vision and mission statement, it is crucial to set your values first. Setting your values is really important because only your values decide your characteristics. They play an important role when you make crucial decisions in your life.  Value could be anything like family, friends, community, ambition, or, intelligence.

After setting your values, you have to prioritize them. You have to decide which value is more important than any other value. It will help you to approach your brand vision.

You should also identify your passions, things you like doing. It will help you create a good brand because you will excel at what you are doing in your company. You should also know your ideal traits. The Big five include these traits-: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. You should be always willing to learn from your surroundings and accept them.

Lastly, it is very important to discuss about you with your friends and family.  Ask people about your strengths and weakness, ask people to give you feedbacks. It will help you in knowing high and low points about your characteristics and to work on them to make yourself better.

How to define target audience?

After creating your vision and mission statement, the next thing you need to do is –Set your target audience. Target audience is a community of people, to whom you are going to sell your products. You should never sell your products to random people; rather you should define the target audience. It will help you to gain profit because you will shape up your products according to the needs and demands of your target audience.


Firstly, you have to identify the target audience. Decide whom you are going to target and in what amount.

After that, create a complete description of the target audience.  You have to know the traits of your target audience.  Do not forget to identify the person’s motivations.  You have to know what supports your audience because that will help you to build your marketing strategies.

Also, identify your potential opportunities because it will help you in achieving your goals. You have to research about your target audience through qualitative and quantitative methods. It will help you to know about your target audience’s likes and dislikes.

Once you entirely know about your target audience, create a game plan. Look at your competitors and think about their marketing strategies. Look for achievements and examples from your company that will create good marketing opportunities through strong strategies.

How to build up online and offline assets?

Each company has its own assets that are the property of a company. Assets are important and strong possessions of a company. It can be domains and websites to help control your brand on search engines. Hence, it is very important to know how to build assets in order to make your brand strong and preferable.

Online Assets

In order to build strong assets, first you need secure and build your social communities.  You have to secure social usernames, URLs and more that fit your personal brand.

You have to check the unique username availability. There are some tools that check the availability of usernames like KnowEm or NameChk.

Then, you have to claim your social media profiles.  It is always good to keep your username short and unique so that you can easily remember and type.

You can also secure your username through KnowEm’s premium option. It is also important to secure as many as you can. By doing this, you are protecting your brand and examining the niche social communities that can later help you to launch your own niche brand. For example-: you should secure usernames on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In this way you can also get reviews of your target audience and improve your products accordingly.

Finally, always subscribe to websites like TechCrunch and Mashable because they provide latest information about new happenings in the tech world.

Offline Assets

Try to make unique and creative business cards and always keep them with you. You never know you might run into someone important.

Also, improve your health and appearance with proper diet and exercise. If you dress nicely and look good you will be more likely to make strong and positive connection with important people.  Exercise regularly and have a good amount of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.

These steps will ultimately help you in taking the first step in Personal Branding.You can always build your own website or blog and look for contacts.  Always look for feedbacks and ideas from friends and family and keep your brand consumer friendly.  To be Continue…. ]


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