How to increase e-commerce conversion rates

The advancement in technology and Digital marketing taking over the entire scenario, e-commerce sites came into vogue. Shopping was on a different platform earlier when people did the so-called window shopping and only could crave to afford for their favorite brand to come into town. With Digital marketing and e-commerce in the market, customers are able to get along with a number of brands. However, the question still remains, are the e-commerce sites able to increase their conversion rates? According to different marketing surveys and researches, with the growing age of Digitalization, people are getting fonder of online shopping because of the easy availability of their favorite brands and also eye-catching discounts. But even with a higher amount of discounts than retail shops, most customers leave their products on their carts and forget to buy. This phenomenon is hence decreasing the conversion rates of e-commerce in the market.


To construct a successful business empire with e-commerce sites, it’s important to increase e-commerce conversion rates. E-commerce owners are busier to update their product ranges, availing more discounts to the customers, find anew platform for marketing and advertising, hence, forget to take care of the conversion rates of their sites. However, without conversion optimization, there is no use of just updating product range and giving best discount offers. SEO is an important fundamental of digital marketing. Though digital marketing is the face of new marketing ethics, conversion optimization is still the most neglected part of Digital Marketing. Hence, here are some proven ways to increase conversion rates of your e-commerce sites.


  1. Low stock indication:

Most customers leave their selected products in their carts and forgets to buy. This causes a decrement in the conversion rates. Hence, a good way to increase conversion rate is to declare certain products with “limited stock” taglines. This will encourage customers to buy the product immediately and will also create a competitive environment among them. Moreover, the low stock level also sets a mind setup that the product is popular and that if not today, the stock will soon end.

  1. Time-setting offers:

Conversation rates increase with increasing number of shipping. The better offer you provide the customers, the more often they will come back to your website for shopping. Spending time setting notifications like maximum discounts till midnight or 2 hours mega sale, increases the conversion rate of the website. One best example of time setting offers which increases conversion rates is Flipkart’s mega sale before Diwali. During that one week period, Flipkart sees the biggest rates of conversion of the year.

  1. Product videos:

What is more appealing to the customers depends on how you present it. Marketing strategies for your sites must be formed in such way that it easily attracts customers without much ado. Uploading product videos with the product slides is an ideal way to promote the product and provoke the customers to buy them. The best way to upload videos is to shoot a video, which looks like a review from real life customers. It leaves an impression that the product is already popular and has some positive reviews in the market.

  1. Limited time offer:

Often you have received classy notifications on your phone from Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon and soon tell that “Limited time offer, only for you”. This quote line builds a strong positive impression on the customers. Declaration of limited offer provokes customers to open the website and search for offers and hence pushes them to buy the products. The more products are brought from your website, the better conversion rate you receive.

  1. Customization:

Customization authority creates a feeling of ownership among the customers. The more you let your customers play with the vivid range of products and it’s classified, the better conversion rates you receive. No one will buy a product from your website if they have to spend hours to search exactly what they want. Customization of the products, help customers to get their best deal in the shortest time, hence the customer buys the products, increases the conversion rates of your e-commerce website.

  1. Free shipping:

The customers are already paying the big amount on the product and also paying the vat taxes. Squeezing shipping rates from them, will, of course, kill your site’s conversion rates. The term FREE is appealing to the customers. We always go for things which we either get at half price or free. Hence, always provide free shipping to your customers so that they can buy the product, thinking that it’s profitable on their behalf.

  1. Sales and clearance section:

For every e-commerce website, it’s important that the owner provides a sales and clearance section, separately on the header line. Never change your sales and clearance section of your website. It’s a fundamental section which attracts more customers. It’s human psychology, that people always buy products that are at best discounts or available at half the market price. The sales and clearance section denote the same. It appeals the customer to visit the website more often and buy from the site more often. Hence, it increases the conversion rates.

  1. Right content:

Marketing starts when the content is ready to sell. Without a right content, you can never successfully increase the conversion rates of your website. Describing each product and offer in detailed yet the crisp content is the selling point of your website. Hence, always provide appealing contents with each product along with a product video. Proper presentation is the key to success. Hence, uploading right content will increase the conversion rates of your website.

  1. Reviews on products:

Amazon is of the most successful e-commerce website today. With the millions of product reviews both positive and negative that the website provides, attracts a huge number of customers. One of the important points to increase conversion rates of your site is to provide customer reviews. Ask reviews from your customers, once they buy the product and receives it. Their review will attract other customers to buy that product. Hence, it will successfully increase the conversion rates of your website.


  1. Social media marketing:

The one platform that holds in the entire world together is the social media platform. Promoting your websites and the offers provided by your website on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Goggle+ etc. will help you fetch more customers. Sharing the limited time period offers on different social media platforms will increase the conversion rates of your e-commerce site.

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