Google Make Changes To Increase Transparency for Publishers

More Ads transparency – Delight to the Publishers

Few years back, AdSense is started with the motive of providing a chance to the publisher to earn money online through the content that they published on their website. Adsense being the first publisher platform offers the fair chance to all the publishers. Publisher acts as a main lead in the world of open web. Under the open web the publisher covers the content creators, journalists and many more. Due to its advanced feature and support the company is growing and over 100 millions of publishers are  regular users. Irrespective of the size the AdSense has the efficiency of growing the small business to large and gain enough profits. In the year 2016 over $11 billion were paid to the publishers from the act of advertising.

Adding more transparency seeks appropriate policies that are effective enough in protecting the publishers over the open web. These policies make sure that the publishers have fair chance to make money from ads platform. All the rules and policies are designed in a way to support needs of users, advertisers and publishers who actively are a part of open web and make a great use of it.

Due to its great success publishers seeks more transparency in context of displaying  ads and demands the strong context for removing the ads from the platform. The publishers demand for the immediate solutions to resolve the problems or issues rapidly.

For the interest of the publishers and feedback received from the publishers following are the improvements made to the AdSense:

Policy activation at the page level context

Scott Spencer who is the director of the sustainable ads says that on activating page- level policy in context of content violations, it will aid in removing ads from the selected pages leaving behind the ads on the pages with the good content.  Site level actions are still in use where the need is felt. Publisher is terminated only if he/ she still continued the policy violations. It has potential of causing little disturbance to publisher.

This policy activation will help in taking the immediate action on the ads that violates the policies. This new add on technology is efficient enough in giving adequate information for removing the ads from the website. This technology helps in eliminating the ad from only the selected pages rather than removing it from the whole website. This attempt support in leaving the ad on the pages that delivers good content. Site level action is only recommended in case if the violation continues for longer duration. In such a case the publisher is ought to terminate for persistent violating the policies. The page level policy offers very minimal disruptions to the publisher and responsible for immediate action and resolve the solutions. This attempt saves the ads on the pages that present good content delivery over pages that cause violation.

Introduction of Policy Center at Publisher’s End

Another crucial step ought to be introduced by the Google is the platform known as Policy Center. It will be introduced with the aim of providing the assistance and support in context of understanding the program’s rules.

This Policy center is well versed with the adequate information and guidelines to avoid the ad violation to the maximum. Policy center guide publisher in a right direction to safeguard its sites and web pages. It results into positive feedback and suggestions from the publishers.

Further, publisher could enjoy more transparency in delivering the content without affecting and violating the policy. Issues are resolved at the faster pace and right step wise guidelines are assisted for the support of the Publisher. Another advantage is that publishers can get the status of reviewing their page after all the issues when resolved.

Further, in the coming years the publishers could enjoy this privilege of Policy Center on other platforms other than AdSense.

This will help in guiding the publishers in the right direction and taking one step ahead to their business on the ladder of success.





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