3 Easy Steps To Increase Website Ranking Through Search Engine Optimization

Google has a positive impact on users as it provides an accurate result which adds an advantage to the business. To increase the profit in business, you can either do the Search Engine Optimization by yourself or can appoint an expert SEO Services so that you can increase the ranking of the website.

Search Engine Optimization is the vital part of any business as it helps in the progress of the business and shows the outcomes quickly. By making changes to the website the user can engage profits and can promote the ranking of the website.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Do a particular research by keeping an eye on the demand of users as what they will search on Google related to your product or service. A keyword can be one or multiple depends on the requirement of the user for instance Search Engine Optimization .

Make a list of the words or 20-30 phrases coming to your mind and consider the alternative words also. While thinking any word give importance to your customer also who is a visitor to your website, also keep an eye on the competitor’s website and if you find some stuff useful to your website, than you can drag the idea from it.

Select two keyword phrases which you think the user will search the most, but always remember that this also creates the competition. So get ready for the competitive world and try your bets to select two keyword phrases. For example, (“ Earn Money Online”) is the perfect example of 2 or 3 words in each phrase. By selecting the best keyword, the user can improve his home page.

Step 2: Web Copy

Web Copy stands for all the words or texts on the website. As we all know that content is a king in the world of search engine optimization and to phrase the keyword in a required position is the art of the user which enhances the ranking of the website. This also makes the content relevant to the website and useful to the user. Give importance to the customers and by keeping in view the desires of the user, you can add ranking to the website which take along profits to your business.

Here are some of the ways by which you can raise importance of keyword:

  • Use keywords in the beginning of the headings,
  • Embrace keywords to the top of the page.
  • Remember to bold or italics the keyword so that the user can identify it clearly.
  • Internal Linking

Manage your content by including the keywords in the HTML “title tag”. Make sure to make a particular change to your website, or appoint an expert web developer to do  the required changes for your website.

After updating the homepage, add quality content to your website by including detailed descriptions of your work, FAQs related to your product and provide full information of the services provided by your company.

Always remember that search engine can only read text and it cannot relate pictures. Avoid using animations so as to increase the ranking of the website.

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Step 3: Linking

If your website is receiving a link from other website than it is a positive signal. This helps in improving the ranking and it also brings laurels to the business. High Quality Backlinks will add advantage to your business not the quantity of the links.

10 quality links will bring 500 links from arbitrary websites which brings success to your business and it helps to build an online network on the internet.  Mail a friendly email to the visitors so that they can get the picture of your business and the facilities provided by the business. Request them to create a link to your website. Follow them by phone calls also if they do not show positive response to your emails.

How to Monitor the Results?

Keep a check on the rankings in Google in coming next few months. This can be done by choosing keywords into the search box and recording the ranking. Look at the hosting reports to understand the search teams are using to find your website. Repeat this process for each page and keep on increasing the number of links appearing on website.

By increasing the web traffic to your website you can increase the sales inquiries.  Always record the source of the inquiries done by customers so that you can enjoy your success in marketing efforts.

Keep on improving website by measuring the inquiries of the customers.


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