Looking For Offers At The Gym? Try Rave Studio For The Best Deals

If you want to boost your cardio level, strengthen core muscles, or lose weight with the Rave Fitness Studio, your search has ended. There is a wide range of membership programs that we offer along with other introductory discounts. If you look at the Top Gym In Kolkata, you will notice the surge in our customers.

Best Gyms In Kolkata

So what exactly is the hype about these days? We maintain all clients’ active and healthy lifestyles with the offers. The customers benefit from the recommendations and are the reason to return for more workout sessions.

Here is the list of great offers and discounts that you can get at the Rave Studio if you are interested.

  • Membership deals – The best offer at Rave studio is the four types of membership deals you can avail of currently.
  1. The one-month membership entails 8 training consultants, guidance, 1 body composition analysis, locker and shower, and 2 Tabata sessions. 
  2. The 3-month membership comes with 2 training consultants and guidance, 2 Tabata sessions, 2 body composition analyses, and a locker and a shower facility.
  3. The half-yearly membership has 4 training consultants and guidance, 4 body composition analyses, 12 Tabata sessions, and 2 free nutrition consultations.
  4. The annual membership will get you 8 training consultants and guidance, body composition analysis, 24 Tabata sessions, 2 free personal training, and 2 free nutrition consultation programs.
Rave Fitness Studio
  • Refer a friend – A workout routine becomes fun when you have a friend with you. We have an attractive offer for you to refer a friend and get attractive discounts. Moreover, you can enjoy the same routine or enroll in different programs for a more remarkable outcome.

The Rave Fitness Studio In Kolkata is one of the best where we believe sharing is caring. So feel free to visit us along with a friend.

  • Student and other discounts – Whether you are a student, a working parent, stay a home person, or reside nearby. We have special offers for all. You can avail of most of our facilities and acquire workable timings as we care and believe that a Top Gym In Kolkata must be flexible.

So visit us now and bring a valid document to get the offer before it lasts.

  • Complimentary trails – Another offer that is gaining popularity is free trial sessions. Most people want to try out a demo session to see if the criteria fit upon enrollment. Here, we not only offer a trial for a few minutes, but you can also have a whole session to test and see if everything is at par. Usually, the Best Gyms In Kolkata may not give this facility, but we do at Rave studio.
  • Bonuses – When you visit any Fitness Studio in Kolkata, you usually look for bonuses and add-ons. It would be exciting to get something extra as it creates a sense of belongingness.

The Rave studio has lots of bonuses, and add-ons with various packages, so keep an eye on what you choose for yourself.

Our list does not end here. Apart from the specific things, there are many other deals on offer. Visit the Gym in person or talk to any of our representatives online for a better discussion. No matter which Best Gyms you visit in Kolkata, you will find the Rave studio at its best.


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