Misconceptions About Search Engines Optimization

Search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO is an important part of all website promotions and progress. However, many entrepreneurs have discarded it completely. According to them, SEO is either dead or inefficient. Several myths have been popularized among all online business industries. The most popular mistaken notions include,

  • SEO doesn’t work
  • SEO is too costly
  • It takes too long
  • PPC and paid ads are better
  • SEO requires to change the website
  • Link building is old technique and is invaluable now
  • XML site map is sufficient to get a better rank
  • SEO can be automated through meta robots to specify indexable pages
  • Keywords are all that is to SEO
  • SMO alone warranties success



All above misconceptions are mistaken notions regarding SEO services. There is a lot that can be learnt about SEO, not to mention, all the information can be highly overwhelming and confusing. However, what is easy to comprehend is that, it is an essential organizing system of all techniques, strategies, and stratagems that ensures that the website is appealing to search engines, gets a better rank, attracts more traffic, multiplies conversions, and keeps the website afresh.

Although, many entrepreneurs would argue that social media has domineered search engine optimization, the argument holds little facts to it. While, sharing information on different Social Media Sites is trending and useful, you can only tweet or Facebook to a limit. Whereas, blog posts will gather new information to share on popular networks as such. While Social Media Optimization can effectively promote and popularize your business website, SEO can help you, increase traffic and leads. SMO effectively shares content off site, but to optimize your website and secure a rank on search engines, SEO is essential.


Though you may secure results in short term via social media optimization, the results brought in by SEO will last longer and pay off more heavily than SMO.

Many entrepreneurs are hesitant before hiring a SEO service provider, due to the money involved and because of a pessimistic faith in SEO. However, any business requires investment and SEO is one of the many investments (opposed to expenses). The only key is to wait patiently and hire the best company. Surely, it will cost less than paid campaigns like PPC.





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    rahul sharma

    i am really happy for reading this blog. its a platform to those people who are working in seo.

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