Proven On-Page SEO Techniques To Easily Rank On Top Page

SEO Techniques

Nowadays SEO technique is highly in demand, This technique is implemented in order to get high rank of the individual web pages. The major advantage using SEO technique is to target more traffic on search engine such as Google, Bing etc.

SEO has two major components, On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

Let us understand the concept of On-Page SEO Techniques now:-

On-Page SEO Techniques

On-Page SEO Techniques refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized which helps him to rank high such as titles, internal linking, alt tags & description, etc.

On-Page optimization is anything that you do within your website to optimize it for the search engines

  • Title- Title tags are one of the important factors of SEO. Each of the page and posts should contain unique title and it should include main keywords for that page.
  • Meta Descriptions- Meta Descriptions is an important part of any content. These descriptions are an important place to include important keywords for your content.
  •  Meta Keywords- Meta Keywords are an example of a meta tag that doesn’t make much sense to use these days. Years ago, the meta keyword tags may have been beneficial, but not anymore.
  • URL Structure- Including search engine friendly URLs for each of your pages is highly recommended, as these bring better crawling. that helps your site rank higher in the search should use your target keyword in the URL, and avoid using special characters, symbols, brackets, commas, etc. within the actual URL.
  • Heading Tags- Use headings tags such as H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. H1 tags are reserved for your main page title. Make sure you use keyword rich headings in order of priority in H1, H2, H3, H4 title tags.Always remember while writing an article break your content into smaller sections & paragraphs to make it easier for people to read and understand.
  • Keyword Density- Including appropriate keywords all over your content is very imperative as it helps the search engine to work out what your content is about. Never repeat your sentences or over use keywords. This can ban your site from search engine.
  • Alt Tags- You shouldn’t forget to give those images good alt attributes. Alt tag help search engines understand what the picture is? Including relevant keywords can help people find your site when searching on Google Images, User can also include Alt Text and Descriptions for images, so that these images are useful with SEO.
  • Internal Linking- Assigning links to website pages is a great way to make the page look more attractive and it improves the site. Internal Links work as a useful weapon in your SEO collection. It brings more visitors who find easy to work and navigate to different pages only by single click. Internal Linking makes the work easy and simple for the users also helping to increase the Google Page Rank of your pages.
  •  XML Sitemap Create xml sitemap and add each of your website in it. You can submit to sitemap in Google and Bing webmaster tools to make your website index soon.
  • Site Loading SpeedFaster loading of pages can mean more visits on your site resulting in better SEO. It’s really important to keep their website’s page load time as low as possible.

These techniques are some of the best ways to improve your On-Page SEO. By keeping this in mind is looking forward to increase the ranking of the page and it will help  to increase the traffic of the site. It involves optimizing the content in which keyword is mainly targeted. It can be better achieved by giving the meaningful headings,accurate positioning of keyword and maintaining quality of the content.

on-page-seo-techniques-infographic                Infographics credit- Impulse Digital , ref-

Other to the factors discussed above signals received from the user also plays the vital role that includes: Click Through Rate(CTR), Time on- site and Bounces rate.The target keyword let search engine target our website and this further helps in gaining the more visitor to a web page. Since, content is the ultimate king in the whole scenario. One could add richness by adding videos to the content. Adding of videos will help in involving the users in depth. It will add on content richness by adding useful information to the site.

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In order to improve upon the factors to rank web pages better on search engines. Underneath are the useful points to be kept in mind while implementation:

  • Providing better user experience: It refers to responsiveness of the site and avoiding the broken links to maximum.
  • Increasing overall user time: Retaining the customer to the site is the major task as clicking back button will drop off the site’s rank tremendously. It is attained through maintaining professionalism along with the proper copy writing techniques.
  • Inhibiting rich content: Engaging sub-headings and seeking the feedback from the visitor. It further involves improving upon certain factors.

Below are the major factors to implement on-page optimization to the web page are:-

  • Post attractive title
  • Following the permalink structure
  • Utilization of heading tags
  • Keeping the keyword density up to 1.5%. Keywords are to be added in initial and ending phase of the content.
  • Use of unique Meta title and Meta description. Chosen Meta tags should be user- friendly to be understand by the user.
  • Optimizing image into the search supports in driving the customers to the maximum to the site. Use of keywords such as image title and alt text make page more attractive.
  • Keeping a word count which is a measure of information delivered.
  • Adding internal and external links
  • Adding rich content that has ability of involving visitors.
  • Use LSI keyword in H2 or H3.

Things not to do:-

  • Don’t put more than one H1 tag on a Page.
  • Don’t use heading tags as hidden text.
  • Don’t repeat the same H2 and H3 tag.
  • Don’t stuff keywords.

I hope this information was useful for you. Let me know if you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy to try and help. Thank you



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    Thanks for the tips On Page SEO tips is very helpful.

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    Thanks for sharing this knowledge about the techniques to be followed to get on to the top of the list …!! I am grateful to understand this “advanced” post that truly is and never be the standard hacks. Thank you once again!!

    On other note, am going to implement a couple of your techniques on my side and this will help me to increase the traffic, and I wish it could be steady. I don’t think; I can wait to utilize this COAL to fire up my TRAIN. 😉 Still quick question though; Since we are planning to upgrade our domain name, would this technique work on “new” domain or it doesn’t matter whether these techniques will be implemented on “new” or “old” one. Please do let me know your thoughts.

    Needless to say, On-Page optimization is the beginners level for SEO effort spenders. Most of the times, during the page optimization, all we need work on getting some grip on organic traffic. On the contrary, if fail to do so, it will be difficult to get stable results even though you do off page SEO. Hope this helps too.

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    Thanks for the tips On Page SEO tips is very helpful.

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