Many people are fond of personal trainers, but they do not know who to select. What is the best option for them, and if they can get the Best Online Personal Training classes or not? It is better to know about the difference, reduce the stress and select the program according to the needs. There are various fitness experts in Kolkata, and we have coaches who are at par with the international standards at the Rave studio. So let us find out who is better, an online fitness trainer or a personal physical trainer.

Who is a Fitness Personal Trainer?

A personal fitness trainer leads people towards exercise and its related activities. The fitness experts in Kolkata can work with groups and individuals and motivate with instructions on how to do the exercise correctly.


Who is A Personal Fitness Physical Trainer?

A personal physical trainer excels in the exercises and their modules and is knowledgeable in weight loss, rehabilitation, sports, medicine, and nutrition. Usually, Personal Physical Trainers in Kolkata are certified and bear the tag of any institution they have learned from about training.

Duties of Fitness Trainers:

  1. Motivate clients
  2. Enforcing rules and regulation
  3. Customized training programs
  4. Monitor progress and give feedback
  5. Maintain safety
  6. Handle Complaints and maintain supplies
  7. Provide advice about diet plans

Online Fitness Personal Physical  Training in Kolkata

Duties of Personal Physical Trainer:

  1. Require sports medicine
  2. Knowledge about physical education
  3. Certified course expert
  4. Efficient in nutrition
  5. Good at business management
  6. Knows about human anatomy

Are Our Trainers And Personal Physical Trainers Worth Investing in An Excellent Lifestyle?

If you are new to the gym, then it is worth investing in physical trainers.  You can select the module in the Best Ladies Gym in Kolkata and see who is best for you and if you need only fitness and instructions or valuable advice about nutrition and getting ready for sports. Moreover, if you are a gym freak and have been working on your body, you also need to invest in a good weight loss center in Kolkata. You will have the advantage of exercising at home when you want or going to the gym when it’s feasible.

Online Fitness Training in India

Where To Look For Good Personal Trainers?

The best place to start is to look for a weight loss center in Kolkata. Talk to local gyms, health, and fitness centers and see which one provides you with the exercise plan tailored to your needs. Additionally, keep an eye for Sports Conditioning Training in Kolkata as we tend to play sports once in a while.


Today the trend is going towards having online classes, so people are also opting for online fitness trainers as a better option to lose weight at ease. Would you please look at the Rave fitness studio, where all our trainers excel in fitness and personal physical training having certified status? Start with consistency and go for maximal strength training. It will not only benefit your body, but you will turn towards a healthy lifestyle with these changes. Give us A Call, talk to our trainers, and go for an online free trial to choose the best life.

By Saurav Arora

Hello there I am a Fitness Trainer at Sports Rehabilitation L1, ACE approved and works at Owner/Head Coach at Rave Fitness Studio and Fitness Trainer at CrossFit...

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