The Ransomware Attack isn’t over—Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Ransomware Attack is Ruining the World

From last few days, Ransomware attack is ruining the business, organizations throughout the world. But if you really want to know everything about Ransomware attack, here are all the details.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software which is designed to block all access to the computer system until a sum of money is paid. In this, the attacker is asking for some ransom about $300 in bit coins for every computer which they are hacking.

How Lots of people are affected by this Ransomware attack?

From last weekend, we come to know from Europe officials, that almost 200,000 computers got malware attack, but this number is rising day by day especially in Asia. By this attack even the Japanese electronics maker Hitachi, and Korean theater chain and the Chinese government told that it has affected their systems also. In china almost 40,000 business and institutions has been affected by this attack.

It is just an electronic consequence of Winery. This software attack is affecting many people around the world. About 80% of NH-S’s systems have been affected by this attack in last few days and they are not able to treat their patients for some treatments.

Ransomware Virus

Paying the ransom

Some are paying or some are not. Even Quartz has told on social media that it has tracked the Bitcoin wallet which is linked to the attack, which is growing very fast.

Why it is hitting the business particularly in overseas?

It is hitting those types of businesses and organizations which keep their machines up to dated with the latest software. In real, it is very difficult, because most of the corporate sectors do not give priority to the security. Because it needs lots of funds to keep it updated.

According to Stewart Baker from general counsel at the National Security Agency says, it raises the question for inequality in technology. According to him, many people uses pirated version of Microsoft operating systems because it is impossible to afford it. They will have more risk because they don’t get updates.

Hit by Winery

The people who have paid to winery, has regained their data. Some are not paying because they don’t want to encourage these attackers. Some scholars are saying that it may increase in 2017.

Not able to fight with the Ransomware

The bad news is that it may clean your machines and you can start with new installation. The one thing you can do is to reduce the odds of being hit by next time.

Who is next?

WannaCry Ransomware targets the Windows computers, especially Windows XP, and aging operating system which is now not supported Microsoft from 2014. If you have the recent version of Windows, or XP with security, then you are safe.

How to protect?

Your software must be updated. Software has so many patches which fix bugs and has close security loopholes; on regular usage of Windows Update or the Software update which has a feature on a Mac which will solve all your problems. You can install the automatic updates to all your devices, and then you can protect yourself.

What else you can do?

  • Always take backups for all your files, instead of downloading them from external hard drive or by cloud-based storage service.
  • Try to use password manager for creating and keeping the track of unique to remember password for each of your service. Keeping password is very secure as compared to any other alternative and can use that password across multiple websites.
  • Always try to keep eye on medical and credit reports for evidence of fraudulent activity.
  • At work, always check your it organization devices whether it is protected from WannaCry.
  • Always try to treat unexpected emails with safety, because it is common types of social engineering attacks used by the attacker which compromise machines.





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