The Complete Guide to Build Your Personal Brand (3)

How to Monitor your Brand?

Along with developing ideas for your brand, it is also very necessary to monitor your brand. It is important to keep an eye on your target audience and do regular researches to know their changing needs and demands. In order to build a profitable relationship with your target audience, you should know how your target audience sees your brand in their lives. You should always aim to increase your brand loyalty that will in return increase your brand equity and help you with customer retaining.

Firstly, you need to know why you require control over your personal brand name.  Your name and your brand name are interconnected. If you show up some negativity, it will also ultimately ruin your brand image. Sometimes have embarrassing results can reflect poorly about your character and create a negative impact on the target audience. Hence, you should always control your content. You can use Authorship and Rich Snippets to control your content on search results. You can also manage your profile on popular sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also do guest posting -: writing and publishing on someone else’s blog. By this you can write positive reviews on other websites and in return they will also write good reviews on your website. Always separate your name from others that share your name. This is because if another person does something bad, it will also ruin your brand image. Lastly, always keep your social profiles and website updated with the latest information. It will help your audience to know about your new products.


Secondly, you need to remove less than the ideal search listing. If your friend posts an embarrassing photo of you from a celebration night and you think that picture can potentially damage your brand image. Then, you should probably avoid that. Try to talk to your friends in advance to avoid any mis-happenings in the future through explained emails. Try to delete your uncanny social profiles before launching a brand into the media. Do not hesitate to report negative and abusive comments and work to build positive results.

Now you need to learn about several monitoring tools. Google Alerts is a service provided by Google that helps users in finding names, phrases, and keywords. Radian6 is monitoring software that allows you to track mentions of your name and other keywords from different websites. It can also track blog comments and posts. Mention is another monitoring tool from which you can get alerted when someone mentions your name throughout different websites. Like other monitoring tools, Talkwalkercan help you in getting fresh updates about your company mentions on different websites. Hootsuite can also track different mentions of your name from various websites. Moz Fresh Alerts tracks both you and your competitor’s brand name throughout different websites and gives you’re an opportunity to know about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, Twitter Search that comprises of hash tags that notifies you when someone mentions your name.

How to be yourself because everyone else is taken?

This is the final segment of the guide that will help you to identify yourself. This segment will help you to differentiate from others.

In order to be yourself, it is very crucial to stand out from the crowd and make yourself unique.  Start listing down your accomplishments and achievements along with your passions.

Think about your list and prioritize those from which you can stand out yourself. When you have something different from the other, you can use that talent to differentiate and advantage in the future.

Also, blend your unique traits into your personal brand goals. If you have a hobby in which you are devoted and committed, you can write about that on blogs. Through those stories, your target audience would start relating. This will increase your brand associations along with your brand equity.

Lastly, be open to your target audience. Express why they should be interested in particular what you are selling.  Make sure that your target audience know about your vision and always engage them in your brand through customer engagement activities. Brand engagement will ensure customer retains and avoid brand switching among your target audience.  Do not forget to share how you achieved your goals among others. Write it down and publish it and record your target audiences’ reactions. Through their reactions, you will get to know about positive and negative reviews. If you see positive reactions, then you will know that you did a good job. Make presentations and be transparent to your audience.

Through these tactics, you will be able to build a successful personal brand and keep on inspiring others.






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