Tips To Choose The Best Business Setup Company in Dubai

Best Business Setup Company in Dubai in any overseas jurisdiction can be daunting and actually finding the best business setup consultants to guide and process your new venture can be even more challenging than first predicted. The below is a general overview of what to look out for and to try and assist in making an informed decision on how to approach and analyze these types of consultants which are crucial to your business incorporation and what services they can and should perform.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a business setup company in Dubai or UAE is that bigger is not necessarily better or business set up companies who advertise constantly on the local radio. There is a reason why some businesses set up consultants need to advertise continually. You need to keep in mind that recommendation is key, find a business set up a company that is willing to give client references, has reviews from existing clients on their website, and are not phased if you ask who their current clientele are or offer to let you approach such clientele for an independent reference. You would do this due diligence in most practices of your life so no different for your business set up.

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Any Business Setup Consultants in Dubai who do not willingly open their doors for a free consultation, show transparency on practices or offer their client references will need to either proceed with caution or better still seek alternatives.  To find the best business setup agency in Dubai look for referrals, most businesses talk to one another and the best reference is talking to other businesses. Finding the best setup consultants is not necessarily going to rehearsed business breakfast meetings where an array of businesses gather to hook and hijack new and unsuspecting business owners to the region through this type of networking but simply just asking those nearest in business who they would recommend. Pitching to several popular or recommended setup agencies may be the answer to finding the most suited business setup consultants in Dubai for your business needs.

Every company in Dubai will have needed or still uses a business set up company also commonly known as a PRO Services in Dubai to either set up the license initially in the UAE or continually use the setup company on a day to day basis for continued operations so it will be a question of finding the right fit for your business. Many business setup consultants claim to be No.1 in the region but first impressions usually count, if the agency is not responsive or is not welcoming to a meeting in their offices you can pretty much start to be suspicious that this impression is not likely to improve over time.

Setting up Business in Dubai

Set Up Consultants usually complete a range of services not just licensing they can be a ‘One Stop Shop’ whereby they effectively work alongside your Human Resources Dept whether that Human Resources Dept will be based in the UAE or remain outside at the overseas HQ.  The services can range from establishing the branch of a foreign entity or stand-alone license, limited liability, or professional services type structure whichever is preferred and then subsequently continuing to set up the company for recruitment of the employees. Every employee will need a work permit and residence visa and this processing which is completed within government entities is better left to business set up companies to navigate the local government authorities on the company’s behalf. 

Most companies whether large or small concern will need the assistance of a Business setup company they are your intermediatory between your business and the Local Authorities. They will have access to all the local authorities and the best business set up agencies in Dubai for example will be well known to the local authorities that will include the Courts, Economic Departments, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources, and Emiratisation (MOHRE) and General Directorate of Residency & Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) whereby they will be granted access into these governing authorities to handle all the protocol and applications needed to complete the incorporation company documentation and any ongoing operational needs such as the work permits and residency visas.

New Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Most reputable Setting Up Business In Dubai will also be able to introduce foreign company owners to professional local sponsors. These local sponsors are professional Emirati individuals or local companies which are required to support certain types of licensing within the UAE. Their capacity is very limited within the business but necessary in certain types of industries and license types but an important point to raise none the less so professionalism, trust, and guidance in your set up agency are paramount where the support of a local Emirati (sponsor) is required in certain fields of licensing. 

The UAE has recently introduced a change in the Commercial Law allowing foreign companies to own 100% of their onshore/mainland limited liability businesses and remove any local Emirati sponsor support from their branch or representative licenses which usually provide consultancy services. This change in the law is a welcome step for a lot of new and existing business owners in the UAE. There is a set criterion for full 100% ownership and it is not all types of licensing structure but your business setup consultants should explain this new law in detail and advise if your business requires local Emirati support or not.

As the Arabic language prevails in the UAE courts a good business set up a company that can officially translate to English and explains all the protocols and official procedures is crucial, so any search to find the best setup agency should include a checklist such as the following: 

In Summary – Things To Keep in Mind When Selecting A Business Set up Company

Things To Keep in Mind When Selecting A Business Set up Company in Dubai
  • Reputation and recommendation
  • Communication Skills
  • Who is their clientele
  • Reviews – References
  • Open door policy and transparent procedures
  • Regular policy and procedure updates
  • Competitive pricing

Requesting any business set-up a company to supply the process and pricing for a new company license set up and detailing all their scope of works that they may complete on your behalf is the start to finding the best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai.


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