Trademark Registration In The UAE And What You Need To Know

Branding is an integral part of building and marketing the business. A lot of thought goes into designing the logo/concept and sometimes has a meaning so important to the business that it becomes recognized not by the name but by the logo itself. The company branding process can be lengthy and costly as usually outsourced to marketing companies who specialize in this field, so the last thing a company needs is for its brand name image or logo to be copied and utilized by another company in the region. So the logical solution to protect the brand is trademark registration in UAE.

Brand Registration in Dubai

A trademark can be a name, logo, a sign or design used to identify with the products or services provided by a company. The trademark’s purpose is to ensure the uniqueness of the branding is protected against others trying to mimic the very same image. Once any trademark is approved here in the UAE by the Ministry of Economy it is granted a certificate and the trademark is the property of the company and guards against any other organization copying the brand for 10 years.

Benefits of Having a Registered Trademark in Dubai

Trademark Registration
  • Having a 10 year certificate issued from the Ministry of Economy with your registered trademark gives you the control on how and who uses your branding/mark. It gives you confidence in the knowledge that you can build your business knowing that any other organisation who encroaches in your field of trade will not last long in doing so.
  • Registering and protecting the company brand name, logo or slogan is the only way to legally stop any competitor who tries to copy or steal business.
  • A registered trademark in Dubai adds value, if registered under the UAE company licence.

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Trademark Registration in the UAE 

Once the branding is completed you will need to register the trademark and the initial step is to find a Trademark Agent to complete the process on behalf of the company. These Agents who can represent the company in the Ministry of Economy can be Intellectual Property Advisers, Management Consultancies or PRO Companies who are licenced to complete the registrations.

Trademark registration Dubai

Trademark Registration Agents will complete a initial search on the company trade name/logo/slogan with the Ministry of Economy to ensure that there is no conflict in any of the chosen classes. Once it is clear there is no conflict, a submission of the application can begin. Once approved by the Ministry the application and subsequent mark/logo is published in an official journal and local newspapers for anyone to contest the application – if no objection is raised the application can continue to the final issuance of the certificate. The certificate gives the company trademark protection in the UAE for 10 years, which of course can be renewed. Trademark application process if uncontested can currently take around 4 months from start to finish.

Trademark Registration in Dubai is made easy by ensuring you have a reliable Trademark Agent to assist in the online applications that are requested by the Ministry of Economy.

The Following Documents Are Required For The Trademark Registration in Dubai

  • Company name/Logo with small description and meaning of the logo/mark
  • UAE Trade Licence Copy
  • Power of Attorney issued to the Trademark Agent to apply on the company’s behalf

The Following Procedures Are Completed For Trademark Registration in UAE

Procedure Trademark Registration in Dubai
  • Initial search 
  • Preparation of the log/mark in jpg and the correct sizing for submission
  • Complete online registration with initial payment
  • Monitor the applications progress
  • After approval continue to pay for the journal/local publishing.
  • If uncontested the final payment for the certification of the trademark.

Renewal of Trademark Registration in UAE On completion of the 10 year term for the trademark certificate, the grace period to renew is 3 months, it is advisable that any renewal is completed near the expiry date as a monthly fine of AED 1,000.00 could be imposed. To renew for a further 10 year certificate is not as time consuming as the first application. for more query Contact us-One Stop


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