What Are The Advantages of Instructing Best PRO Services in Dubai?

PRO companies, Document clearing companies are just a couple of the names associated with a business setup company in Dubai. They all mean the same thing it is just a varied description of what service they provide that has developed over the years.
The PRO company has a varied role which can be one of the reasons it goes under various descriptions.
Most importantly they are really your first port of call when entering the jurisdiction of the UAE for NY’s new business set up, so finding the best PRO services in Dubai is important and you should not leave this to chance. You want a Best Business Set up Company in Dubai that has at least 10 years of experience, they must navigate the Government Entities with ease and have extensive knowledge of the Commercial Law – Court system and documentation. A good business setup a company in Dubai will be talked about as all businesses in Dubai will have used or continuing to use a PRO service-based company on a regular basis so referrals are essential. The UAE is a new jurisdiction for a lot of companies the assurance that you will have the correct type of license be given sound advice on your business set up and most importantly the additional PRO services and support that will be provided post-setup a recommended business set up company is going to be the key to success.

You want a business setup company that will set you up with your company incorporation so that you are ready to fully operate as a company and then step back if that is what is required or a business setup company that then turns into a PRO service company who will support you for all ongoing matters as your business grows on a day to day basis. The choice of how a business sets up company partners your own business should be clear from the outset.
Caution should be used as always when reviewing the draft of agreements that will be signed in court, if the business set up company wants to place your company and their company together into the company incorporation agreement this will mean that you will not be free to run your company away from the business set up the company and use other providers. There is some business set-up companies in Dubai who will want to attach themselves continually to your business for obvious reasons, which they can via the court documentation so reading the drafts of incorporation agreements you will sign in the courts is important. The best PRO Service company in Dubai will allow you to choose how you run your company and should give you a choice of using their services on a quote-based ad-hoc service or in a monthly retainer-based agreement. A service agreement is an ideal solution that is easily dissolved if the business relationship is not working for whatever reason from either side.

A New Business Setup in Dubai or PRO service in Dubai will not only set up your license and computer cards classed as the full incorporation, but they can also assist in gaining the legal requirements for your employees such as work permits and employment residence visa. Any reputable PRO services company will provide services way beyond just employment, they will be able to assist with the family residence visa in Dubai, housemaids, and personal drivers.

Best Business Setup Company in Dubai

The Best PRO Service in Dubai Usually will Complete And Cover The Following Services:

  • Trade Licence set up
  • Court documentation – preparation of agreements
  • Any additional licences the company may require
  • Renewals of Licences
  • Amendments to the company incorporation – Sale of Shares etc
  • Immigration (GDRFA) and Labour Dept (MOHRE) Company Computer Cards
  • Permit and all Ministry applications that may be applicable
  • MoHRE Labour Contracts
  • Amendments to Labour Contracts
  • New and renewals of employment visa and work permit
  • Cancellations of employment visa and work permit
  • Emirates ID Registration
  • Family Residence Visa in Dubai
  • Housemaid/Driver visa
  • Trademark registration
  • Payroll services (Wages Protection Scheme)
  • Updates on Law changes or new processes
  • General advice on Government practices and provide procedural advice

PRO service company should extend its services not only for the legal processes which are compulsory compliance completed in all UAE Government Entities such as Economic Dept, Ministry of Labour (MOHRE), General Directorate Residency of Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) on the company’s behalf but to further build a relationship with the company in particular the Human Resources Dept. The Human Resources Dept in most countries other than the UAE do not usually become involved with the immigration and work permit side of recruitment but here in the UAE it goes hand in hand so many Human Resources Management that are seconded to the region to handle the business set up will need to learn these processes and will need a completely competent PRO Service company to not only complete the legal processes but to teach Human Resource Management on the Law and procedures and process. This is where it is crucial that a PRO Services in Dubai is selected based on its experience in the region, its communication skills and any referral that has been given by other companies using their services.

Pro Services in Dubai

You will need the PRO company to provide up to date information on any law changes ahead of time, ensure any renewal processes are completed in a timely manner and generally be proactive in informing you regularly of any Government changes that may affect your business, so that you can be assured that you can concentrate on just managing the business. Advice in a foreign jurisdiction is essential, a reputable PRO company will offer free advice and suggest options which is key and the advantages of engaging with a long standing PRO company in Dubai means they will give a complete overview of advice through experience law and also provide the Trademark Registration in UAE.

A PRO company who can remind you of any renewals or provide a portal system whereby you can see your company documentation and have access to print and download your company documentation whenever wherever or just simply be at hand to get you the copies you need. The phrase ‘one stop shop’ is used to describe a variety of businesses but PRO companies are just that for new businesses wanting to set up In the UAE. If they are not able to provide the basic services below you might need to extend your search further to find a more suitable candidate.


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