What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of An Arrhythmia?

Arrhythmia: I think we meet today again after quite some time. And well, it does feel good because the last time I came over here, I think you’re going through a very difficult time with obeying. But yes, the times are still strenuous, we have to follow all the precautions that are unnecessary, but it is nice to see that you know, the situation in India appears better. So, at the very outset, by each time, I will say, Do not forget to wear a mask when you go home. Remember, we have to follow social distancing. Remember, when you get back home, you must wash your hands. So coming to where we had planned this webinar for you today was to discuss something which is very common, it is as common as we have about 10 million people in India, suffering from palpitations. So we thought we should speak about arrhythmia, signs, and symptoms of arrhythmias. So what appears very normal to us may not appear so to you.


So as you are able to understand better, I thought I would take the support of the board and go in a very stepwise manner, trying to cover What is The Normal Heartbeat? What is Nia? What are the symptoms of arrhythmia? Is it really that common? And are there any complications? That I need to worry?

What Is The Treatment Strategies for Years?

So I think I’d like to cover all of these with some headings. So all of us are clear, feel free to send messages to me, should you have any queries on what I am going to be discussing with you. So before we discuss and go to something abnormal, I think it’s important that we understand what is a normal heartbeat. So all of us understand, this is the structure of the heart, we have two chambers in the upper heart, and we have two chambers, which comprise the lower section of the heart. So we have four chambers in the heart, it is important to understand that the electrical impulse of our heart begins from the upper chamber.

Arrhythmia Symptoms

So there is something called a natural pacemaker, the natural pacemaker is present in the upper chamber of the heart. Whenever the electrical impulse begins, it first goes to the upper chamber, and subsequently, the electrical impulse then goes to the lower chambers of the heart, you must understand the normal heartbeat for adults is between 60 to 100 times a minute. When we sleep, our pulse rate is slow. When we are awake, running excited, our pulse rate is high. And how do we measure this, we measure this by seeing on our wrist or the side of the tongue, we have pulsations?

So normally, heartbeat and pulse rate are saying and they beat about 6200 times a minute. So to say what is the driver or who is the engine of this train is this small pacemaker which is present in the upper chamber of the heart. So this is the driver and it drives the electrical impulse. You can see the green lines that are put here. This is a specialized electrical conduction system. Just as in your homes, you have the water supply, and you have the electrical supply. Just like that in the heart. We have a specialized electrical supply in the heart Now, this normal beat should be between 60 to 100 times a minute. So what is arrhythmia is a very simple meaning that there is an abnormal feeling of heartbeat or there is the improper beating of the heart, they will come and say, I can feel my heartbeat, or they will say there is pounding in my heart, they can even sometimes complain of dizziness. Because of arrhythmia, they can complain of shortness of breath, that I feel breathless, along with pounding in my chest, they can complain of chest pain that I get because we there are these are symptoms which are new to you, you can feel very abnormal inside your chest, typically come to the pounding. But some people because of an arrhythmia can even faint. So that can be as dramatic that because of an arrhythmia, you can collapse. And sometimes, if your heart is very poor, and it’s pumping, the arrhythmia can sometimes be fatal. So I have told you what is a normal heartbeat. Next, I have told you what is an average abnormal beating of the heart, or improper beating of the heart is an arrhythmia. So that is a definition of arrhythmia. Remember, the area can be slow, it can be fast, it can be irregular, or there can be extra heartbeats. All of this is actually defined when you go and seek medical attention. At this point, I want to make it very clear that when you have any symptoms, it’s a good idea that you seek medical attention. But going back to arrhythmias, the arrhythmia can be fast, in a very simple manner, the natural pacemaker of the heart, which is supposed to beat between 60 to 100 times a minute, can be very rapidly, you can see the fast heart beating.


The Natural Pacemaker Of The Heart Can Begin To Be Very Slow.

In that case. Also, patients come and say that they have a pounding in my chest, I can feel my heartbeat, along with dizzy spells. Some people will come and say, I think abnormal beating inside, it is not regular, it is irregular, it feels like a fast train at times. And a slow train sometimes means irregular. Some people will come and say that I feel like it extra heartbeats. They are actually called Mr. B’s or extra heartbeats or premature beats. Now to share with you. And you define how these beats actually happen. What is the meaning of fast, slow, irregular, and extra peaks? Remember, I told you, the natural pacemaker makes impulses between 60 to 100 times a minute to talk first about the slow heartbeat. As we get older, we get wrinkles on the surface of the skin, which you can perceive and can see. But when the heart gets old, you cannot be in, but it expresses itself. How does the heart express itself? But how does that tell us that it has wrinkles by telling us that electrical impulses are beginning to become abnormal? That means the natural pacemaker of the heart, because of the aging process may begin to work slow. It was supposed to be at 6200. But it can begin to work slower and slower, what is called Bradie cardia. You don’t need to know this. But it’s a good idea that you are aware that the rules can be slow, slow abnormal rhythms or slow Eric Mia’s patients come complaining of dizzy spells, they can even faint which is called Bradie arrhythmias. If a doctor thinks that you truly have a brand new idea, you may sometimes need a pacemaker. The pacemaker is a small device that has leads going inside your heart. So, if you have electrical impulse becomes dysfunctional means your natural pacemaker is working slow or the second pacemaker of your heart and these electrical wires become slow, you may need the implantation of a pacemaker. So that is what we call slow heartbeat. And the treatment of the slow heart beating I have just told you but more often people complain aggregations they complain of the fast heart beating. So, what happens there is you need to understand again, this is the heart to upper chambers and to lower chambers. Now, The Natural Pacemaker of the heart, I told you is this, it is supposed to give an electrical impulse 60 to 100 times, sometimes, some people have extra circuits, those circuits can be here, the circuit can be here, the circuit can be here when the circuits are in different places, your electrical impulse can begin to work more than 100 beats per minute.


Pacemaker Treatment in Delhi

It is very common that most patients who complain of arrhythmia actually complain of a fast heartbeat. Now, this is important to understand, there can be extra circuits inside your heart, which can be here, which can be here, it can be here, those of you who are getting older when I say older, I mean beyond 70 to 80 years of age, you must pay particular attention to palpitations or pounding in the heart and why is that so, because it can have significant complications on you and can change your life. So, remember, as I just mentioned, the normal electrical impulse is coming from the upper chamber and goes down to the lower chamber. As we get old, I told you, we get wrinkles in the skin. Similar wrinkles also come on the surface of the heart. When these wrinkles come in, they result in results in the formation of abnormal electrical circuits. These abnormal electrical circuits can fall inside your church chambers, the upper chambers. Remember, these abnormal electrical circuits which fall inside your heart can give rise to a real problem, which is very common as we get older, and it is called atrial fibrillation. Atrial Fibrillation as the name implies, comes to the atria and fibrillation means this chaotic rhythm, I told you normal pulse should be 6200. But when we get atrial fibrillation are also becomes very rapid. It can go as much as 151 80 beats per minute. Now imagine that 80-year-old man whose normal should be 60 to 70 beats per minute and suddenly is false becomes 121 40. He will be very uncomfortable.

That is a problem is called (Atrial Fibrillation)

Atrial fibrillation is a disease of the elderly. As we get older, I told you the part that loves wrinkles, these wrinkles express themselves as atrial fibrillation. So what happens if there is atrial fibrillation? Why should we worry? We really need to Barney because when we develop atrial fibrillation, the problem that can be one is everything yeah, and palpitations, but more problematic, and have real significance is that there can be small blood clots which can fall inside the heart. And these blood clots, which appear really simple to you actually can have very serious consequences. These clots from this chamber can go into our brains. And when it reaches our brain, it can give rise to stroke.

So if you get applications, if you get irregular palpitations, and you are elderly, you must want to get medical attention. Your doctor may ask you for an ECG, which is a very simple thing. Your doctor may ask you for a quarter, which is a 24 hour ECG recording, which is also a very simple thing. Or you may want to keep an ECG device with you at all, which is like this. This is a simple ECG device. This ECG device is as simple as this. You hold it within your hands and you can have your ECG in the comfort of your bedroom and send it to your doctor. So you can have this ECG device. Sometimes your doctor may want to give you an implantable device to pick up your rhythm problems. And as you can see, it is this. It is as small as this little it’s like a small pen drive this little device is put under the skin. It is called in Certain the loop recorder and the record every abnormal rhythm of the heart. This is to pick up everything. Yes. So I told you a normal heartbeat. I told you what is it every year?

I told you what are the symptoms of arrhythmia? And how do we pick it up? So we pick it up either by ECG, or by the beholder, or by this simple ECG device, which you can keep inside your wallet and require, at best, you transmit the ECG to a doctor. Or sometimes you may want to insert this device under the skin, and it records my brother for up to three years. So this is called the insert of a loop recorder. So all over the world, we as doctors are working aggressively to pick up the arrhythmia so as to save our patients from the complications of areas. So I told you if you are elderly, and if you feel abnormal heart beating, you must see a doctor because if you have atrial fibrillation, you should protect yourself. Otherwise, you can land up because by a stroke because of this clot. If you have atrial fibrillation, we as doctors can protect you, we can safeguard you from stroke by giving you special medications, which are now available for the past five or 10 years. And they are very safe, very good.

They are called blood thinners. So you should be aggressively searching to have any abnormal problem in my rhythm, which means you must seek medical attention, you should go back to your doctor, your doctor may want to do holter the doctor may want to do a prolonged volta, what is it prolonged Florida, it can be for three days, it can be for seven days, where we watch the patient’s abnormal rhythm. And we want to pick it up. Also, to understand that they can also be abnormal extra heartbeats. I told you that extra heartbeats come like this, the normal rhythm I told you comes from above and goes down. But there can be some people who get extra heartbeat the extra heartbeat can be from here that extra heartbeat can be from here, it can be from here it was discovered upper chamber upon premature atrial complexes from below about premature ventricular complexes. So we have to understand where they are arising from. So I think we have understood clearly what is a normal heartbeat, what is an arrhythmia? What are the symptoms of everything here? What am I to do if I have an arrhythmia? Can I have some complications occurring? Yeah, before I take questions, there is one thing which I want to share with you that those patients who have poor pumping of the heart mean what this chamber those people whose left ventricle pumping becomes whoever they are at risk of death fatal events, why does that happen? So, those people whose left ventricle pumping that is called ejection fraction comes down, are at risk of fatal errors, you must discuss with your doctor is the pumping ability of the left ventricle is poor. Because whenever you have a poor ejection fraction, you can have life-threatening arrhythmia coming out from your lower chamber, I have just already a normal electrical system that comes from the upper chamber and goes down. But if you have four pumpings of the heart, you can abnormal electrical activity from your lower chamber, which can be very rapid, it is called ventricular tachycardia and can sometimes be fatal. So, I would like to let you know that if you have poor pumping of your heart, you must discuss with your doctor because we can protect you by the implantation of certain devices, which are called implantable cardioverter defibrillator which is actually a medical Marvel and is know to save human lives. So I think I would like to conclude here and I will be happy to take questions. So I can see the first question that can

Determine The Cause Of Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular Heartbeat

which has been D has been linked to several illnesses, and which will be in itself is unlikely to cause irregular heartbeat. But of course, we can give rise to various symptoms, which are such as fatigue, tiredness, bone pain, muscle aches, so they don’t typically give rise to an irregular heartbeat. You can come with other symptoms. I would be happy to take the next question.

What Foods to Avoid If You Have Arrhythmia

Avoid Food Arrhythmia

if you have very good so I think that’s a very important question. What foods to avoid When you have a parent meal, the most important food is coffee. So tea and coffee are known to cause errors in yours, as well as intoxicants such as alcohol and smoking. So if you feel palpitations or pounding your chest wall, you must limit the intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, and smoking. And you can certainly feel the difference once you reduce your intake of these intoxicants.

So I think this is something which is very important for all of us to understand, especially in the given stressful pandemic times, we must remember, deep breathing truly helps ease our normal heart beating. So all of us as a policy should attempt at Mastering the Art of breathing exercises. If you do good breathing exercises, it certainly is going to help to calm your nerves. In turn, God calms our heart’s electrical system. So do deep breathing to calm your heart beating.

Walking Good For An Irregular Heartbeat

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for this? My answer is, I think walking is good for everything. So we must remember, if you have high blood pressure, it’s a good idea to walk. If you have diabetes, it’s a good idea to walk. If you have poor limits, it’s a good idea to walk. If you have a high body weight, it’s a good idea to walk. If not a regular heartbeat. It’s a good idea to walk. But you must understand, you must achieve medical attention, you must take medical attention to understand why do you have an irregular heartbeat? If your irregular heartbeat is because of abnormal breaching of the lower chamber of the heart thing, you must exercise caution. You need to seek medical advice if it is because of other problems, walking with the good and probably will also stabilize your heartbeat.

Fix My Irregular Heartbeat

So can I fix my irregular heartbeat naturally? Well, that’s a very difficult question to answer because we have to understand if my heart beating has become irregular. First, I have to identify why is it irregular? Is it irregular because of atrial fibrillation? If it is irregular because of atrial fibrillation, I need to seek medical attention and it is unlikely to be fixed naturally. But if you have an abnormal heartbeat, or arrhythmia simply because you are anxious, yes, you can fix your heartbeat normally, by eliminating your anxiety by reducing the intake of tea, coffee stimulants such as alcohol and smoking, your palpitations will get better. So the take-home message is if you have palpitations, seek medical advice, identify the cause of your palpitations and get them treated. Manga. The question is, can we check it at home? So the question is, can I take everything at home, I told you that there are very simple devices that you can reject your pulse meeting at home. The simplest of all is an oximeter. I think overtimes, most homes have an oximeter. So oximeter is the simplest one, which you place on your finger, and it tells you about speed. So that’s the simplest of all, the next most specialized, I think some people use a smartphone or an Apple Watch. Well, they’re good too. However, if you want to record an ECG, as I just showed you is this little device, which helps you take your instinct simply or you can even monitor six lead ECG and send it to your doctor instantly. Another question is, can I go away and so everybody else can go away on their own depending upon where they are arising from and why are they arising. If you are a very anxious individual, along with you take a large amount of tea and coffee or smoke a lot. Well, if you eliminate those, your engineers can get better. At the same time. As I mentioned, if you have an organic or a near like nature simulation, or because of poor pumping of the heart, they will not go on their own. So the take-home point is that if you are young, you don’t have any heart disease and you feel bad mutations. Yes, take it.

Do not take tea, coffee, go for a regular walk, regular exercise, breathing exercises, your heart can stabilize. But if you’re elderly and you notice this abnormal bleeding, it’s a good idea to seek medical attention when you have atrial fibrillation or any abnormal bleeding from the lower chamber of the heart with a doctor can fix from another question is what is the treatment for heart failure? Okay,

What is The Treatment for Heart Failure?

the subject of interest today has not been heart failure, but yes, I would like to talk About hear that those of our patients who have poor pumping of the heart, they must remember that heart failure today has very good treatment available. But using your home, first of all, have to remember that those patients who have heart failure should remember to drink fewer fluids, take less salt, exercise regularly, follow medical attention, seek medical advice repeatedly.

There are very good medicines available today, which are five pillars of heart failure. seek an opinion from an electrophysiologist or your Best Cardiologist in Delhi, whether they’re there you need any implantation of devices, which can further make you feel better. So heart failure treatment is very vast today. If you want a quick fix to what I have said, you can visit my website, which is Dr. Burgess wild.. And you can go into patient resource education material, we have lots of data for you to read and access and understand how to fix your heart failure. Thank you so very much for your answers. These are all the questions we have as of now. So thank you very much. Should you have any more questions, feel free to write to us, we will be happy to help you. And if we can make a change to your life, it will be worthy of it.

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