The beginner’s guide to Google Adwords: A Step-by-Step Guide

Some people may wonder where to invest money to get higher returns. If you are also looking for a good place to invest then do not hesitate to put your money into Google Adwords. Google Adwords can bring you higher returns, which will give you complete satisfaction. Before getting deeper into this matter, we need to learn the basics about Google Adwords.If you learn how to make proper use of Google Adwords, it will help you in your future business too, as you can always copy the initial method of putting your advertisement on the Google Adwords. This guide will help you step by step to ensure that you learn all the important things about Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising service run by Google. This works well for those marketers who want to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The advertising network allows marketers to set a budget for promotions and commercials and only pay when people click their ads. Google Adwords method concentrates on the keywords. Marketers have to use those relevant keywords that are mostly used by the customers to search on the Google search engine. When the customers use those keywords, your advertisement would be visible up to them. Adwords appear under the heading ‘sponsored links’ that can be found on the right-hand side or on the top of Google search results. When people click your Adwords, Google directs them to your original website.

benfits of Google Adwords

Why should you use Google Adwords?

If you use Google Adwords, you can easily attract a lot of customers to buy your products. Google Adwords can help when you are looking to get new website visitors, grow online sales, and in customer retention. It is a marketplace where different companies pay Google to have their websites on the top of the search results. Google Adwords would also help you to reach the right people at the right time. Your products will get searched by people on Google specifically for the things that you offer.  You can also use Google Adwords to advertise globally or locally. You can easily target specific customers in different countries, regions, or cities. You can even target customers within a set distance from your shop. Google Adwords also lets you control your marketing campaign by yourself. You will have to only pay for the results. For example:-

 You do not have to pay when no one click on your ads.  You only pay when someone clicks and goes directly to your website. Sign up for Google Adwords for free and take the advantage of this service. You also set up your own budget so that you can stay inside the limit. Your costs will be dependent on your set budget.

Now let us get started and learn about Google Adwords. Although Google Adwords is really useful, it is a bit complex to learn too.  

We should start with learning about the basic definitions:-

  • Keyword  any important phrase or word that the user searches for and then sees the most relevant advertisements.
  • Clicks  Clicks are counted by Google and you have to pay for the clicked ads.
  • Impressions-   Google also counts impressions that tell you how many times your ad has been shown when the customers have searched for that specific keyword.
  • Click through rate (CTR) –  When you divide clicks by impression, you get click-through rate. These show the percentage of customers who have visited your website as they clicked your ads.

Google AdWords can also act like auction house, where you set budget and bid. You have to bid how much you are willing to pay for per click. You should big high and your ads should be of good quality. This is because Google does not want to show ads of poor quality even if they have highest bidder. They think about the customers and therefore they want high-quality ads from you.

google adwords quality score

Now let us talk about the steps.


Step 1: Set up Google Adwords account.

Go to Google Adwords and get started by clicking Start now. It is always better to use a Gmail account because it is linked up with Google. Enter your Gmail Account and wait for the second step.

Set up Google Adwords account

Step 2: Budget Calculation

Calculate your estimated budget. You have to pay commission to Google for each click of your ads, For example:- if you think of making $60 per sale, then it will be okay for you to pay 40% commission to Google. Let us say for every 1000 views of the page, the conversion rate would be 1 %.  You want to sell 500 books that cost $200 and out of that you make $100 profit on each package.Then you have to calculate the maximum CPC.

Maximum CPC= profit times commission for Google times your conversion rate.

In this case it would be $100* 0.4*1%= $0.40

It means you can spend $0.40 per click on Google Adwords and can still make $60 per sale.

Set up your estimated budget

Step 3: Choose a Keyword

“Try according to your customer,Think like your customer” and then decide your keyword. For example, try words like ‘cheap’, ‘inexpensive’ etc.

Also, do not forget to set the right country and language. You can also get help by click on ‘get ideas’.

Choose a Keyword

Step 4: Check out the competition


Looking for what others are doing is always a good idea. You have to take care of the quality of your ads to get a competitive advantage.  Also go to Spyfu and enter your keywords. It will show the number of companies, who have used the same keywords and their performance. If you click on the advertiser history, you will get to know about the actual ads used by your competitors.

Check out the competition

Step 5: Make sure you have an attractive Landing page.

When people click on ads through Google Adwords, they land directly to your original website. Make sure your landing page is easily readable and convenient to your user. If it is not, then your user might change their minds. Make sure you have converted the prices and have provided all the information to your users. Try to have an eye catching and colourful texts to attract the users. Keep the design simple with a powerful headline. Use pictures to show your products to the users. You can also use bullet points to deliver a clear message.


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Step 6: Choose your location

After deciding the budget and keyword, it is time to set a precise location. Also, do not forget to turn off the Display Network option because you want your ad to show up on Google search results. Do not make any mistake of selecting any other country as your location because it would botch-up your entire advertisement campaign.

Choose your location

Step 7: Write your ad

Since you do not have a lot of room, you have to be really precise while writing your ad. Use a powerful one sentence to describe the benefits about your product. Take an example of Pizza add. They write -: ‘you get fresh, hot Pizza, delivered to you in under 30 minutes- or it is free!’

Try to think how you can be different from your competitors. Try to include the keyword in your ad campaign and display the URL of your website. Induce the audience by including CTA (Call to action) by writing words like ‘order today and get discount’.

create google adwords

Step 8: Fix up other details

Pause your campaign because you have to check it before launching. Click on your keyword and set it with the phrase match. You have to do this manually because Google sets this to broad match, which is not much targeted. Broad match can only show related words and also might end up not using your keywords. Do not go for an exact match because it is too much targeted. An exact match will only use your keywords and may skip the other related terms of your advertisement. In contrast, phrase match can have both keywords and other terms around it.

keywords phrase match

Step 9: Set up conversion tracking

This will help Google AdWords to know about the purchase when the users buy from your website. Go to Tools and click Conversions. Then you have to choose Website and add other information like name and the value of your conversion. Click Save and Continue, after which you will land on the page with code snippets. Copy the code snippet and add it with the HTML code of your last page that is visible to visitors after the purchase. You will see ‘Unverified’ on the dashboard for a few hours, but it would be changed once you let your campaign run.

Set up conversion tracking

After these, Google reviews your ad before making it visible to people. Later, your ads will be approved by Google and then you can start making other ads by just copying your initial ad.

That’s it folks! Hopefully you will be able to make successful ads for your business now. Have a happy time of investing in Google AdWords too.


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