What is link building and Its Benefits

What is link building?

Sometimes you will be willing to make your website convenient and preferred by the users. The key to make good website is to know how to do link-building properly. Now you may be wondering what is link building. Let us have a look at this.

Link building is generally the process of inserting links. Link building is a way of attaching external pages to link to a page on your website.Link building tactic is highly used in search engine optimization. It is basically acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. To clarify, hyperlink helps in navigating users between websites on the internet. For example:-, having a referring link from the Indian Express online newspaper will make your website trustworthy and valuable. Although building links are difficult and time consuming, it is not impossible. If you have a certain link attached to your article from other referable websites, it shows your blog or article is well-written, well-researched, highly valuable, and original content.

Why Link Building Is Important?

Link building is very important because through this Google ranks Web pages. Google has stated that;

‘In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that will link to their pages.’


Therefore, through link building tactics, Google determines which website to put on top during search activity by users. It also helps Google to check the reliability of the website. In actual, the more high-quality websites you have linked to your website, the more you likely to rank well.

Benefits of Link Building


Apart from helping to become the most highly ranked and reliable website, link-building also helps in other aspects. Let us have a look:-

Domain Authority

In general domain authority measures the power of domain names and rank on search engine. It is based on three factors that are age, popularity, and size. Like Google page ranking activity, domain authority also measures the rank of your website. The number of links attached to your website determines quality of your website that can increase popularity in return. The more links you have attached to your website, the more trust you gain from the users that increase the popularity of your website. In total, your website gets a good ranking at the end.

Building Relationships

Building link mostly involves looking for other reliable and relevant links from the same industry in which you are working. Sometimes this process results into promoting your content that you have just created. It can also result in outreaching. Outreaching helps in building long term relationships that can aid your company. These can also bring important contacts into your notice.

Sending Referral Traffic

Always remember that a good link from a highly visited website can increase traffic.  An increase in the referral traffic increases the possibility of ranking your website high. Referral Traffic is a method that was initiated by Google to report visits that happens to your website through outside sources. Referral traffic sends interested readers to your site from new domains.  Link building helps in sending the referral traffic. For example:-, if a reader reading your article follows the link attached by you to learn more about the content, it may lead to increase in sales and authentication of your website. Readers can refer to your link for more information and come back to your website easily.

Brand Building

If you are an expert in link building, then you can successfully build a good reputation of your company. There are some link building techniques like content creation that can present the expertise of your company or industry in the market. When you create content on your company’s website, you attach other relevant link that helps people to know deeper about your company’s profile. People can know the specialties of your company and your company can be known for a special thing or aspect among the public.  When you attach more links, you portray the knowledge of your company that can attract more viewers and increase the brand visibility.

A great Competitive Edge

There are always competitions among various companies. Link building can be also used as a competitive weapon. Links are not hidden from anyone as they are public. Any company can use attached links to see another company’s history and other achievements and gain more tactics to overcome its problems. Any company can also be able to see from where the other companies are getting their links and target the same sources.

Forever Lasting Investment

With paid advertisements, you have to rent for space to advertise your brand. Plus, paid advertisements are temporary too. In contrast, link building lasts longer and stays active.  You get a permanent placement for your links that continues in sending the referral traffic to other websites. As mentioned above, referral traffic helps in providing better ranking for your website.

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Through these ways, you can benefit from a link building strategy that in return will help your business to prosper through increased brand visibility, greater brand reputation and recognition, more traffic, and a competitive edge. So do not waste time and start working on building relevant links for your own website.


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