What is Off Page SEO Techniques?

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off  Page SEO  is the other side of attracting more number of visitors to the site. Its major efforts are laid upon improving the website’s position in search engine results page. One could drive the Off  Page SEO techniques through the following:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Articles
  • Profile Creation
  • Business Listing
  • Blog Post
  • Q & A
  • Image Sharing
  • Guest Posting
  • PPT Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Posting

The technique is beyond the design of the website that mainly incorporates promotion methods. The techniques act supportive in ranking the site higher in the search results. Prior to increasing the rank of the web page it also helps in attaining the overall user- friendliness of the site and gaining its credibility.

SEO can be better categorized as following two major factors such as:-

  1. On- Page SEO
  2. Off- Page SEO

It is implemented with the motive of providing best search to the searcher. Off Page SEO techniques on implementation has the tendency to illustrate the method how the website is being perceived by the people around the globe. A web site is referred to as high quality if its follows the below mentioned standards:

  • The website should be supportive to be re- directed from other website via reference or links.
  • It should have incorporation with social media. This includes: tweets, likes and shares.
  • It has ability of getting bookmarked and is shared among the communities.

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There are many benefits one could gain from implementing the Off Page SEO Techniques. It is implemented via implementing the strategy. It includes:

  • Increasing the ranking that will ultimately leads to increase of traffic to the website.
  • Secondly increasing the ranking of the page, it leads to increase the importance of website.
  • Increasing the ranking in search that provides more exposure and get into top positions. Ranking into top positions grabs more links, visits and social media.

Link Building is the very important part of  Search Engine Optimization, Through Off Page SEO technique , we build High Quality Backlink , do not get confused link building and backlinks  are same terms. Provision of external links lead one gathers more number of votes. There are number of ways one could increase the link count such as: Blog Directories, Forum Signatures, Comment Link, Article Directories and many more. Choosing an appropriate link is an integral part as it adds up into the value of the link. Getting a link is not enough; one needs to construct the great website to improve the site’s ranking.

Choosing an appropriate Off Page SEO totally depends upon the marketing goals of the website. The main idea of Off Page SEO is to count a number valuable links that simultaneously represents the quality of the site. It is performed to the external of site in comparison to On Page SEO techniques. For example:- guest leaving a comment at site’s end and that further leads to site’s promotion. Participating into forum, related to the content of website and business helps in building new relation with the people. Developed connection seeks overall suggestions and advice. Another similar technique is infographics submission. Creative info graphics and its submission lead activating reference links to site/ blog.

I hope this information was useful for you. Let me know if you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy to try and help. Thank you


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  1. Navnit Verma Avatar
    Navnit Verma

    Hey great article about off-page seo techniques.Appreciate your sharing..this will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Stalin Avatar

    Very informative post about off-page SEO.

    You have covered almost everything, I think these are very useful techniques to follow. Especially, as you mentioned about social media, nowadays it is very important to remain active on social media platforms to get better rankings in SERP.

  3. Thomas D Miller Avatar

    Perfect you mention everything about off page SEO. Hope to get the new blog very soon. Keep posting & writing.

  4. Andrew Cannon Avatar

    Great post as well as a great read! You seemed to have covered a vast majority of the off-page techniques. I would agree that link building is very important. Keep up the great work!

  5. Morgan Petrick Avatar

    It is a great idea that you’ve shared this important information regarding off page seo techniques. It has helped me in ranking my website, as I am an SEO Executive, I am liable to work for the rankings of the website thus it is on us that we work for the website. I am thankful for your article as it provided me useful piece of knowledge, it is like a step upwards on a ladder.

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