How to Earn And Redeem Loyalty Points in Dubai Using BOUNZ Rewards App

Redeem Loyalty Points in Dubai:- When someone mentions Dubai, many would immediately think that it’s a shopper’s paradise and for good reason. With its big malls that house thousands of shops, you will likely find what you’re looking whether it’s clothes, accessories or even electronics. The shopping culture has become so big that regular sales happen almost every month, even accompanied by raffle prizes to entice consumers to shop. But as consumers continually spend, many are looking for an added value with each purchase, which lead to the introduction of the shopping Top Rewards App in Dubai.

A rewards programme enables customer loyalty by offering incentives for purchases. This can be in a form of a points collection scheme that lets customers collect a certain number of points to be able to exchange it for a certain reward or even a paid tier where they pay an annual subscription to be able to get immediate discounts and benefits. In today’s world where consumers can get overwhelmed with the increasing amount of loyalty programmes and new ones that are about to launch, it is easy to overlook the ones that give the customer a maximum benefit.

Shopping Rewards App in UAE

As a bulk of the information is now accessed through a mobile device, these rewards programmes now come in an app. A Shopping Rewards App in UAE often let customers view details about their profile as well as the points they have redeemed, with some even allowing them to redeem the rewards directly without any limits.

But how do you redeem loyalty points in Dubai? While some apps make it very easy to do it, others make it impossible for customers to claim a reward in which they end up ignoring for future purchases. This shouldn’t be the case, as the concept of a loyalty app is to help keep loyal customers because they’re the ones who can make or break your brand.

A plethora of loyalty programmes based in the UAE are available, but only a few bring exclusivity with each purchase. BOUNZ Rewards, for example, can be used not just by residents but also tourists visiting the UAE. With BOUNZ, customers can also earn rewardswhen they visit a physical partner store. Once the right amount of BOUNZ is accumulated, it can be used to redeem loyalty points Dubai for any item on the online store or even use it on other partner stores.

Instant Rewards UAE

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Customers also earn BOUNZ rewards even when only visiting a partner store right inside the BOUNZ app, meaning that members can start collecting BOUNZ without spending a single dirham. Each BOUNZ account is tied to a phone number, which makes it easier for users to redeem rewards even if they do not have the app installed on their smartphones.

The idea of a ‘collect and cherish’ concept allows customers to get the most out of each purchase. Rewards programmes should offer benefits that customers actually want, rather than signing up for a programme that often limits the user to only a few stores or doesn’t even offer enough value. BOUNZ makes this all easier as it acts like a currency that is just as good as money, where customers can freely spend it on any partner store without any form of restriction.

How to Redeem Rewards

Moreover, BOUNZ has the unique distinction of being the only loyalty rewards programme in the UAE that caters not just for residents but also for tourists. Tourists visiting the UAE will also have the same benefits when earning BOUNZ that include redeeming rewards across all of the partner stores.

BOUNZ delivers a user-friendly experience that makes it easier to shop and earn rewards and with its compatibility with almost all smartphones, it is easy to Download The BOUNZ App to collect and redeem BOUNZ.


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