Download the Top Rewards App in Dubai and Get a Chance to Win 1 Million BOUNZ

Top Rewards App in Dubai: Do you enjoy shopping as much as everyone else? With the winter season already in full swing, along with the commencement of the Dubai Shopping Festival, now is the best time to shop. In the past week, we’ve seen multiple sales and exclusive offers happening all around the country. It’s also the season of gift-giving, which is why now is the best time to shop if you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea. 

BOUNZ wants to make it easier for you to Shop For Anything You Want From Everyday essentials to Jewelry shopping or even buying an insurance policy etc. To add a surprise element into your shopping list, BOUNZ is running a month-long promotion where a Grand Winner will be picked to win 1,000,000 BOUNZ. This can be use redeem rewards on your future shopping from the BOUNZ app. The promotion will also see four weekly winners of 25,000 BOUNZ each as long as they purchase AED 50 and above.

Instant Rewards UAE

To make shopping with BOUNZ even more rewarding, the winners will also get special prizes from select BOUNZ partners, including vouchers, discounts, and special products. Combine this with the 1,000,000 BOUNZ prize, and winners will get more value than they have spent. All you need to do is Download The BOUNZ App and start shopping. With BOUNZ being treated as good as a real currency, winners can expect a true shopping spree when they win, making it a top contender for the top rewards app in Dubai.

The UAE already has a plethora of instant rewards apps with pros and cons. Some of these loyalty programmes utilise a points collection system, or some provide a paid tier that allows the customer to avail multiple discounts based on their level of membership. That being said, some of these loyalty programmes often do not bring enough value to the customer. A good Shopping Rewards App should be beneficial to the customer regarding their own needs and wants. 

Redeem Loyalty Points in Dubai, Rewards App in Dubai

More than just making a purchase, customers often tend to see how they can utilise more value on each of the products or services that they are buying. Downloading a shopping rewards app is now a common occurrence, though customers are often hesitant in signing up. If a certain lotyalty programme offers the right product or service to the customer, they will sign up without hesitation.

BOUNZ Rewards brings a unique experience where customers can earn BOUNZ that can be redeemed through the app’s e-store or any stores across its partner network. There are many Dubai BOUNZ Rewards App and the rest of the UAE, but BOUNZ Rewards is becoming popular for residents. Additionally, the great thing about BOUNZ Rewards is that it is also available for all tourists visiting the UAE. This means tourists can experience the same rewards as residents when shopping with BOUNZ.

This instant rewards app is also easy to sign up for. Using only a mobile number, customers can immediately start earning rewards from all its partner stores with no limits. With all these convenient features, it’s a must-have Dubai Lifestyle loyalty rewards app that everyone should try out.


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